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Octave One

Octave One: You got to love techno62

Octave One: You got to love techno

By Jack Tregoning 6th Dec, 2011

We find out what the Motor City masterminds have in store for this pre-Christmas techno session.

The big parties keep on coming31

The big parties keep on coming

By Dave Ruby Howe 1st Feb, 2011

The final weekend of January kept up the month’s momentum with a string of epic events going down right across the nation, and as ever inthemix was there to cover all the action.

Octave One: Analogue thinking 74

Octave One: Analogue thinking

By Jack Tregoning 24th Jan, 2011

Watching Octave One play live, you can’t help feeling they were born to do this. For this band of brothers, techno is in the genes.

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JamRock JamRock said on Tue 6th Dec, 2011
"Sooooo awesome. Spewing I couldnt get the guys to Adelaid..."
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i_have_ADD i_have_ADD said on Tue 1st Feb, 2011
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louiseconville louiseconville said on Tue 25th Jan, 2011
"Massive leg ends. Even more ready for Saturday night now...."
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