ITM Premiere: GTA,

ITM Premiere: GTA, "Yolohton" (Free Download)

By Lauren Lipsay 17th Sep, 2013

Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos520

Dance Music's 20 Most Infamous Videos

By Katie Cunningham 9th Nov, 2011

After hours of careful research, inthemix has brought together 20 of the most controversial video clips to ever grace a television or computer screen. Turns out 2 Girls 1 Cup might not be the most confronting thing on the internet, after all.

Daft Punk score Grammy nomination 7 years too late!19

Daft Punk score Grammy nomination 7 years too late!

By Tim Hardaker 4th Dec, 2008

A clear indication that the people behind the Grammys are quite possibly out of their minds; nominees for the 2009 event have been revealed with Daft Punk given a run... a mere 7 years after the track was initially released!

Klaxons and Rihanna under a nu-rave Umbrella12

Klaxons and Rihanna under a nu-rave Umbrella

By Jack Tregoning 21st Feb, 2008

Only weeks after Daft Punk’s scintillating cameo at the Grammys, another one-off collaboration spiced up proceedings at last night’s Brit Awards. This time it was Klaxons and Rihanna - with lasers. Genius or musical miscarriage? Watch it here!

Klaxons + Rihanna = epic?1

Klaxons + Rihanna = epic?

By Jack Tregoning 1st Feb, 2008

Mercury Award favourites Klaxons are said to be sharing the stage with Barbadian pocket rocket Rihanna for an “epic” performance at the Brit Awards on 20 February.

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""Genocide on red-heads %u2013 we%u2019ve all thought abou..."
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