Michael Mayer: The anti-purist23

Michael Mayer: The anti-purist

By Jack Tregoning 26th Nov, 2010

Michael Mayer's default position is somewhere left-of-centre. Over his long career as a producer, DJ and label boss, the German impresario has done things his own way.

Gui Boratto: Minimal is dead6

Gui Boratto: Minimal is dead

By Emira-Mia B 29th Feb, 2008

Gui Boratto is of the somewhat controversial opinion that minimal music ‘in its original form intended is dead,’ a rather contentious statement to make considering he’s been hailed as one of the scene’s saviours?

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BMoney BMoney said on Tue 30th Nov, 2010
"Iche liebe Michael Mayer!! That last SuperMayer set was ..."
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