Various - Pop Ambient 201112

Various - Pop Ambient 2011

By Jim Poe 14th Mar, 2011

When you hear the phrase ‘ambient music’, you might think of the monotonous psychedelia perpetrated in chillout tents, where raver kids go to rest their glowsticks. That's not at all what you get from Kompakt's esteemed 'Pop Ambient' series.

Robag Wruhme - Wuppdeckmischmampflow23

Robag Wruhme - Wuppdeckmischmampflow

By Holz Markt 4th Mar, 2011

Like similar technical tours de force, this album is a delight to listen to over and over. But uniquely, this one stands alone as one that doesn’t build to a peaktime moment.

Michael Mayer: The anti-purist23

Michael Mayer: The anti-purist

By Jack Tregoning 26th Nov, 2010

Michael Mayer's default position is somewhere left-of-centre. Over his long career as a producer, DJ and label boss, the German impresario has done things his own way.

Kompakt comes to Australia again this March3

Kompakt comes to Australia again this March

By Dave Ruby Howe 22nd Feb, 2010

Celebrated German record label Kompakt will be returning to Australia for the third time this March for a run of label-branded parties around the country.

Various Artists - We Are Proud Of Our Choices, mixed by Ewan Pearson3

Various Artists - We Are Proud Of Our Choices, mixed by Ewan Pearson

By Tad Tietze 17th Feb, 2010

By eschewing the easy pay-off and seeking out those intensities in more complex movements, Ewan Pearson has created a work of great subtlety but also great feeling.

Gus Gus - 24/71

Gus Gus - 24/7

By Ryan Lipman 24th Sep, 2009

It is a big call, but this could potentially be the best techno release of the year. It seems almost effortless how at ease the trio are at mixing vocals with techno beats which so often fails. 24/7 is dance music at its best, rich in rhythmic beat.

Various Artists - Kompakt Total 101

Various Artists - Kompakt Total 10

By Louise Conville 24th Aug, 2009

It’s time, once again, for Kompakt to showcase a range of their best-received releases over the past year via their 'Total' compilation series. They promised it would be a diverse collection and, man, did they keep that end of the bargain up.

Kompakt Total turns 10, goes gold!2

Kompakt Total turns 10, goes gold!

By Dave Ruby Howe 26th Jun, 2009

The celebrated German label, Kompakt, is celebrating a milestone this year, with the tenth anniversary of its Total compilations!

Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away6

Gui Boratto - Take My Breath Away

By Holz Markt 25th Mar, 2009

There's something about sequels. Often they're a disappointment, but sometimes you get lucky. 'Terminator 2' was brilliant. Sadly, Gui Boratto's sophmore album is not 'Terminator 2'.

Stefan Goldmann - The Transitory State/Voices Of The Dead

Stefan Goldmann - The Transitory State/Voices Of The Dead

By Daniel Sanders 21st Nov, 2008

Though the chosen definition for Stefan Goldmann's music is the pretentious 'post minimal techno', pretentious is a label it ill deserves. Classy, moody and progressive, Goldmann's album 'The Transitory State' is a masterclass in electronic music.

Various Artsist - Kompakt Total 9

Various Artsist - Kompakt Total 9

By Chris Downton 13th Oct, 2008

Since being founded back in 1998 by co-owners Wolfgang Voigt, Jurgen Paape and Michael Mayer, the Kompakt label has become synonymous with the 'Cologne techno sound', going on to release more than 120 vinyl and 40 CD releases.

Supermayer are here to save Australia

Supermayer are here to save Australia

By Tim Hardaker 15th Apr, 2008

When it was announced in 2007 that Superpitcher and Michael Mayer would team up for a concept album of epic proportions, tech fans around the world rubbed their hands together with glee.

Justus Kohncke - Safe & Sound

Justus Kohncke - Safe & Sound

By Chris Downton 17th Mar, 2008

Cologne-based techno/house producer Justus Kohncke recently had his profile lifted considerably, thanks to an excellent remix for Hot Chip.

Gui Boratto: Minimal is dead6

Gui Boratto: Minimal is dead

By Emira-Mia B 29th Feb, 2008

Gui Boratto is of the somewhat controversial opinion that minimal music ‘in its original form intended is dead,’ a rather contentious statement to make considering he’s been hailed as one of the scene’s saviours?

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