No Frills feat. Calyx & Teebee @ UTS Glasshouse, Sydney (18/10/08)

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This was no less than the most anticipated DnB party this year in Sydney, and it had big expectations to live up to after last year’s sell out event – two of DnB’s finest were back to tear the Sydney scene a new asshole. Metaphorically speaking, that is.

Everything was looking to be the perfect night. A new venue never used for DnB parties before, that had a huge capacity, the infamous Paul Hijack sound system that I have crapped on about many times before and have nothing but praise for, some of Sydney’s best producers and DJs to warm up and two of the world’s hottest drum n’ bass DJs to rock the party till the early morning. Weather was nice too. Oh, and it was being held at a university bar, which meant what little cash I had in my pocket could go a long way on drinks. It was all good.

Arriving just after 9:30, Boot, Sook and Dauntless were up on stage, smashing it out to a fairly empty venue. What I love about Sook and Boot, is that they play about 90 per cent of their own tunes. Its great to hear music of such a high calibre being produced locally, it not only lets you know there are people out there with talent in the community, but also people who are passionate about what they do and are prepared to put the hard yards in and work towards something. While the style they produce may not be something I would normally listen to, I have always got time for these two locals.

Fire & Whitey were next to take the stage. These two are a pair I have not seen out in a while. The former 50/50 boys blazed through tune after tune, as the venue filled up. On the venue, the Glasshouse at UTS is a really good venue. It’s big and spacious, cheap prices on the bar, and a large outdoor area for smokers. Whitey and Fire continued to build the crowd up, and from what I heard, the internationals were really hyped and wanting to get on but they were made to wait, to let the locals finish their set.

After a short introduction that was definitely not needed, Calyx & Teebee kicked things of at a phenomenal pace. There was no easing into this set; it was tear out, all the way. The place had packed up, the crowd were going mental, and they were getting the show they had come to see. The green laser was a nice touch too, proper rave style. As they ripped through their own tracks, as well as stuff from Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical (that new remix of Pacman by The Upbeats, tune) and classics like Reprazent’s Brown Paper Bag, they managed to put on a spectacular display of skill across the six decks. I’d even go as far as saying these two are the new Fabio and Grooverider, DnB’s most prolific pairing.

One slight downer was one of the amps cut out just as their own anthem Warrior was about to drop. With Teebee scratching over it, it was just about the destroy the dance floor, when the amp cut out, but, thanks to the greatest sound guy in the history of ever Paul Hijack, sound was returned in under a minute and the night rolled on.

I had to leave just as the DSS crews Double Robin took to the stage. I was tired from jumping around like a lunatic for the past three hours, my ears were slightly sore from the volume (I think it was turned up to 11) and I was starting to feel the effects of uni bar priced drinks. The party lived up to the hype and all expectations, and will be talked about for some time to come.

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