Club Club feat. Morgan Page @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (21/03/08)

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Saturday night, and once again, the folk down Laundry way had managed to nab yet another pretty decent international for their weekly Club Club night. Morgan Page may not quite be the A-list DJ circuit, and may not be a name recognizable to all, but when one of your amazingly solid tunes has been remixed by a big name in EDM and subsequently nominated for a Grammy award, it is obvious that said international knows at least a thing or two about the ol’ music caper. Once again, the night had potential.

Tass had the early arrivals jumping around nicely, and surprising given the crowd, there were some nice proggy sounding tunes on offer. The enthusiasm from the crowd would’ve felt good for the youngster behind the decks. The Fred Falke mix of Pjanoo from Eric Prydz was good, then there was Muranyi also from Prydz then shortly after, Genesis from, yes, you guessed it. Honest mistake? Perhaps. Prydz fan boy? Definitely.

In the meantime, MDX was doing what he does best in the Cave, and while the crowd was a little less than what he may have experienced during his years, they were all appreciative and took the chance to chill – arguably a rarity in the Cave – with friends and foes alike.

Back in the main room though, school boy errors aside, Tass had got the crowd worked up nicely for the main arrival and it was time for Morgan Page to unleash two hours of power on us. Working off his Allen & Heath Xone:4D, the lad from LA gave us a bit of his own ‘watch and learn’. Pretty impressive too. Blips, tweaks, bleeps and beats it had a bit of everything, and he kept things very unpredictable. No standard run of the mill effects here; things were changed up nicely, and kept even the occasional chin-stroker pondering from a far. He kept the crowd pumping along with gusto, and when he dropped his infamous and most recognizable The Longest Road ….well everything went just a bit crazy, and it was one of those moments to savor, for DJ and fan alike.

For two hours he soldiered on, with a solid array of prog, while also not being shy to throw in some electro too, and with lots of vocals thrown in for good measure, there were just as many hands in the air. At the end of it all, he wrapped it up with an encore version of his Grammy nominated tune: not an entirely big surprise. What was a big surprise however was what he mashed it into… wait for it… Get Low from Flo Rida. “WTF?” I hear you say…? Yes. Interesting choice to say the least, but by that point, the crowd cared little. They’d come, they’d seen, and they’d damn well enjoyed.

Whether it was indicative of people trying to avoid taxi changeover at 3am, people having already penciled in some a big Sunday to follow, or well – someone just dropping their guts (I kid you not, it’s happened at Laundry before) when Page finished at 2.30, the crowd was out of there very quick smart. It didn’t matter. Another night at Laundry. Another solid bloody time.

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Tass said on the 1st Apr, 2009

"The Fred Falke mix of Pjanoo from Eric Prydz was good" "then shortly after, "Genesis"" I don't own either of those two tunes/let alone play them, however Muranyi


Tass said on the 1st Apr, 2009

(continued) Muranyi