Subconscious @ HQ Complex (23/04/2010)

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Subconscious teaming up with Onside Entertainment brought their first Adelaide trance show for the year with not one but five massive international trance stars on the bill. Set in HQ’s main room and Soho bar, a stomper of a show was promised and a stomper of a show was delivered! Eddie Halliwell, Sean Tyas, Signum, Solarstone and Matt Hardwick supported by Subconscious residents Steve Strangis, Ahmet Atasever, DJ Frost and Andrew Howlett for the trance element, with Matty B, Sleazy E and Phonatics delivering the electro house line up in Soho.

Melbourne’s Steve Strangis was finishing his set in The Main Room after Onside Entertainment’s Ahmet Atasaver, doing an admirable job in warming up the crowd. The outside bar at Soho was especially going off. Adelaide’s Andrew Howlett was behind the decks absolutely smashing it with Delirium’s Silence. The smaller bar in Soho was setup to deliver the electro house component for the night.

Heading through a very crowded back smoking court yard area, the main room with Ronald Hagen – saw the other half of Signum – in control. An old skool favourite for some, it’s been many years since he has graced our shores. The crowd responded well to his tunes dropping an energetic set with a classic anthem, commercial feel and at times a melodic uplifting reach for the laser vibe. Back at Soho garden Matt Hardwick started his set, with a slower BPM than that of the main room, creating a laid back atmosphere with Sander Van Doorn’s Bastillon cranking. He was showing his style and laying down some vocal progressive tunes. Wandering back into the main room to Waiting by Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt, Signum was still in control, finishing with their own remix of B.B.E.’s Seven Days and One Week.

The highlight of the night would be Eddie Halliwell and the crowd was getting more excited as it ticked closer to the start of Eddie’s set. He stepped up to adjust the settings with the crowd chanting ‘EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE’. With a swift signature scratch of the current song playing, the crowd then erupted. He delivered his first track with ease and professionalism – Sander Van Doorn’s _ Renegade_. A perfect opening tune: building up to a peak and then dropping, incorporating techy rhythms with deep basslines that could be felt deep in your stomach. Despite it being hot and stuffy in the main room, I felt chills all over. Something which I have not experience during a DJ set for a very long time!! Perfectly crafting his set to suit his sound, the crowd gobbled up every inch of what he delivered.

Solarstone meanwhile, was in Soho garden. I was greeted with the softer, progressive Balearic sound for which Solarstone is known for. Dropping his own tune Jump the Next Train, all bodies in attendance were grooving away. The inside Soho area was also open now, with Phonatics behind the decks playing popular electro tune Mason Vs Princess Superstar – perfect for the handful of dancers. I couldn’t see the point in having a third room open, especially with a different genre, however at least the DJ’s got a turn to spin with a different genre on offer.

The sounds of Eddie with an impressive laser visual show was enveloping the massive tiered main room. Dropping another classic Sander Van Doorn track Ninety, the energy of the main room was at its peak. Closing his set with a melodic uplifting sound it was clear that the journey was about to end. Sean Tyas was up next. Perhaps the late time slot didn’t suit as all reports indicate that Tyas was not at his best. Signum played again on the main stage to the trickle of people who stayed for the long haul with Adelaide promoter DJ Frost closing in the Soho room with the finishing set of the night.

Every trance taste was on show tonight from progressive to old skool, uplifting to vocal, tech to Balearic – these guys had it all covered. Liberate at HQ was an impressive setting to house this magnificent show, waking little ol’ Adelaide up from its slumber and giving them the first of many more massive trance shows to come for the year.

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