Jorn Van Deynhoven @ Nevermind, Sydney (07/07/2012)

Image for Jorn Van Deynhoven @ Nevermind, Sydney (07/07/2012)

Simply, wow: That is how impressed I was with Jorn Van Deynhoven at Nevermind last Saturday afternoon. Whilst everyone else was out enjoying lunch, trying to enjoy another winter day in Sydney or simply even still recovering from the night before, Nevermind was hosting some amazing uplifting trance from one of the best in the business, Mr Jorn Van Deynhoven.

Of course, there’s something unusual about walking into a nightclub at 2pm in the afternoon. But for the enduring trance lover the early afternoon start proved a pleasurable feat, especially with the promise of what would transpire. Holding a day event in a club was always going to be a gamble and early on, this was quite noticeable as Nathan Cryptic played to a largely vacant dance-floor and club. However, Cryptic was carefully able to entice the limited and spirited crowd into enjoying some really straight-up, progressive tracks, before finishing off with an appropriate holding pattern of uplifting classic trance tracks including a remix of Above & Beyond’s Can’t Sleep.

But as the club suddenly saw a mini-surge of people enter and briskly make their way to the centre of the dance floor, there was no mistaking who they were there to hear: Jorn Van Deynhoven. This is where over four and half hours of total, unadulterated, bliss manifested.

Jorn went straight into a mainstay of euphoric, vocal tracks, grabbing the crowd’s attention from the word go with tracks consisting of euphoric melodies and heavy synth; something that has been quite evidential of late in many international artists’ live sets. Jorn continued his emphasis on captivating, atmospheric tracks, delivering empathy and emotion. The selections were characteristic of solid build-ups, uplifting but driving bass layered melodies felt through the Funktion 1 sound system, which of course were well-timed to match the sweeping lasers and wandering multi-coloured lights. As the crowd continued to feed on the trance delights of Urban Astronauts vs. Jorn van Deynhoven and Temple One’s See the Halo and Oceanlab’s Satellite (Above & Beyond remix) both of which were appropriately woven into a meshed blanket with other elusive trance favourites. But this was just the beginning of a mammoth world class set.

As the set progressed; uplifting, endearing and charismatic vocal tracks and remixes from Van Deynhoven’s own arsenal of productions included his remix of Dark Matters ft. Jess Morgan’s The Real You, matching the mesmerising laser enhancements with the cinematic atmosphere of vibrancy. With the set now leaning towards familiar tracks including his take on Armin van Buuren vs. Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Not Giving Up On Love and Talla 2xlc ft. Skysurfer’s Terra Australis , Jorn continued to attract applause from even the most reserved reveller in the club.

The usual big room trance tracks from Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold and other quite notable artists were all inclusive. Dash Berlin’s Til The Sky Falls Down was quite a highlight as well with the characteristics of the track’s mammoth endearing build-up and gigantic euphoric complexion. Whilst Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli’s Concrete Angel (John O’Callaghan Remix) and Above & Beyond’s Sun & Moon both induced the perfect opportunity for the crowd to release their vocal talents.

Van Deynhoven continued to lash out crowd favourites, including his remix of Dash Berlin ‘s Never Cry Again and Disarm. Relentlessly, he continued the surge of uplifting vocal trance remedies, whilst sampling the crowd vocals as a sure way of winning their favour. Jorn then timely executed a whole range of more progressive trance favourites, inducing a rush of speed and chaos of progressive, chunkier beats, including Tenishia’s Always Loved, Never Forgotten (The Day Will Come).

As the hours rolled out, there didn’t seem to be any sign that Jorn Van Deynhoven was tiring and in fact, his set was gradually becoming even more unbelievable. The emotive part of trance was evident as he played Laura Jansen’s Use Somebody (Armin van Buuren rework), fostering a solid connection with the crowd. The crowd was enjoying this magical carpet ride as Jorn continued past his allocated three hour set, dropping tracks like Chakra ft. Kate Cameron’s Love Shines Through (Alex Morph remix) to an array of picturesque laser collisions.

As hour number four passed Jorn continued, all the tracks met blissfully by the crowd and complemented by the club’s sound and lighting production, bringing together all the solid elements of a well-tuned trance event. As Jorn delved deeper into his CD case, tracks including Andain’s Beautiful Things (Jorn Van Deynhoven’s Sundale Mix) and Aly & Fila ft. Jwaydan’s We Control The Sunlight both resulted in a large, appreciated cheer, completing a set that technically was woven as tight as high-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

Awe Inspiring and endearing tracks including Ferry Tayle and Static Blue’s L’Acrobat (Andy Blueman remix) and the piano infused track of Henrik Christensen’s New Life continued to gain righteous acceptance from the crowd, as did enriching uplifting vocal tracks including Will Holland ft Jeza’s Start Again and Agulo ft. David Berkeley’s Fire Sign (Suncatcher Remix). You might be wondering where well-known favourites and productions including Ram’s Ramsterdam , Spotlight and Headliner featured within this mighty set. All definitely featured, but amongst the undeniable multitude of amazing trance music tracks, all I can safely say is that there were definitely no complaints at any stage from the captivated and enlightened crowd.

What the crowd at Nevermind had witnessed was true trance poetry in motion. Jorn Van Deynhoven’s set had taken the crowd on a journey of all things beautiful, mystic and artistic about great uplifting trance music, a journey that unfortunately could been of witnessed by so many more people. I hope that even though these words could never substitute the real life magic experienced by the crowd on Saturday, this review might help people understand the true pleasure of experiencing a skilled artist in the perfect environment. Three hours of Jorn would have been an amazing pleasure, but to witness over four and a half hours of total trance bliss was phenomenally unbelievable. The next time Jorn Van Deynhoven comes out to Australia, I will be definitely there regardless of where and when.