Mars Monero @ The Spice Cellar, Sydney (02/11/2012)

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It was time for the two lads of the collaborative brainchild of Foundation and Goodfella, ghetto-retro Mars Monero to hit up the basement level of the much-hyped Spice Cellar. I’d been hearing about these two kids for a while since they’ve played the majority of Sydney and beyond’s stalwart hotspots/club-nights, alongside our most notable locals – so forgive me if I went into this one with high expectations.

On arrival, a faithful legion of revellers was already well into the groove enjoying a breezy-yet-bouncy Friday hour of acid funk tunes and $5 drinks. All this set the tone perfectly enough to keep the assembled party people inside the Cellar energized and ready for the night ahead.

Monero couldn’t have come on at a more suitably appropriate time when everyone was buzzed up and happy as Larry, wasting no time jumping straight into the funky bass lines of Dublin Aunts’s Heartbreak Reputation
. Decked out in their hipster style, the boys continued to set the party alight with the original mix of MAM’s Foursome as the crowd got pushy as they squeezed onto the floor for multiple dance offs during Issac Tichauer’s Doing What I Got.

After an hour of their interchanging set, Monero provided a compelling sonic bridge to explore more, more of a beat-based, hip-hop laced, jazz infused electronic sound, so strong and it felt like the floor vibrating – or perhaps it was just my excitement of hearing my personal favourite ColeCo’s Ricky Smiley.

Continuing in their dark surroundings, the genius behind Monero’s finesse, humility and grace behind the decks were superseded by a sense of seriousness and attention to musical detail. Monero like to tell the tale of jams that haven’t been discarded by the intergalactic void of YouTube. And that they did by dropping La Royale’s The Crush into the Whatever Whatever remix of YACHT’s Dystopia and the Karmon mix of Fabo’s Every Day. Simple, jazz infused beats, which the crowd ate up.

The night wounded off with heavy soul funk and acid beats all interwoven with flair including the Tiger Stripes remix of F3’s Deeper Thoughts, the Oliver remix of Breakbot’s One Out Of Two and finishing up with Stephanie Deschezaux remix of Torha’s Mothership.

Already accruing a cult following tonight felt like one small step for Mars Monero, one giant leap for Sydney’s acid/funk electro scene. We all went home feeling immensely satisfied and a little tuckered out, which is always a good sign.

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