Surge @ Eden, Sydney (08/11/02)

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This reviewer was not in the perfect state to enjoy any night out on Friday, as the classic hallmarks of the flu started to creep up quite unsuspectingly. Thankfully though, the night at Eden was able to offer the two extremes: a juxtaposition of hard house and uplifting trance, which was able to appeal to the two types of patrons to Eden, the dancers and the groovers. The night was what it was, enjoyable, and considering the venue and price of entry, was well done.

The positive mood set by Kaz in the trance room brought smiles to the bar, which was nicely full even in early hours of the night that she played, garnishing her the Orpheus Sun DJ of the night award. As this was going on, problems with the PA downstairs caused Sean Matthews to start his set late, his pounding style thundering up the stairs. This interplay of the music between the two rooms did cause a problem to the people near the back of the bar, making listening to either DJs an exercise in careful listening. Also with the sound, the equalisation in the trance room seemed to be a bit too bass heavy, drowning out the more melodic elements of the music.

Another sticking point was the haphazard placement of lights. While this was a small event and obviously the lighting was not going to be mind blowing, more could have been done with what was available. However, these sticking points didn’t prevent people from dancing to the great tracks that were offered by James Loader, who finally was able to coax enough people into the hard house room to get down and funky. Chrisso tried to get the trance room dancing with his selection of more beat oriented tracks, but most people stayed glued to their seats, probably waiting for Manix.

Manix, being a live set, and therefore having that extra energy behind them to get the crowd active, failed to get the nod from this reviewer. There was potential there, but their reliance on repetitive beats and lack of technicality was a letdown. There was a slight mustering in their last half hour, but not enough to make up for the first.

All throughout the live set, there had been a migration of people down into the hard house room, lured there by the tunes of Marty Longeran, which was understandable, with the quality of music that was present downstairs. As a whole, the quality of the music downstairs outweighed the trance upstairs.

The final offering of upstairs, the duo of Paul Doran vs Kudo helped bring the quality of music up again. With excellent beats and melodies truly making their set “euphoric trance” and with the crowd going off downstairs to Krazy Joe, this reviewer left Eden in a positive frame of mind.

The lights and sound may have been not up to standard, and the live set could have offered just a little bit more, but there were enough little moments of joy found on the dance floor to possibly coax visitors back again.

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