Groove Terminator: Mastering old and new

Jump Jump Dance Dance has been going really well. Both singles, Show Me the Night and Modern Eyes, had a great response. What’s happening with the new album?
I think it’s coming out in March. We have a new single coming out late January, early February, so we’re just getting remixes done on it now. One of the top guys in the world just did a remix for us and it’s absolutely massive. We can’t play it with the classic stuff obviously, but I’m really, really stoked and hopefully we’ll get to play that at some other shows, it’s an incredible remix.

With JJDD, you’ve gone from turntables to live instruments. What was the transition like?
I’m pretty good at faking it. I’m lucky, I started making music before they had the advent of computer based frequencing and samplers, so I’m very much self-taught. My grasp and concept of everything came from hip-hop and sampling chunks of other people’s records, but it became really cost prohibited to keep sampling other people’s music so you work out how to play the stuff yourself.

Also I’m incredibly crap at playing keys so that’s why I like the collaborative process and working with other people. In the studio working with other musicians, you pick up things along the way. I really enjoy it. It’s a completely different thing from DJing.

So we’re almost into 2011 – what have you got planned for yourself?
It’s been pretty crazy with side projects, I’ve been working with Sam La More again on Tonite Only, we’ve got a new track about to come out around New Years, early January. I’ve also just done a new track with Christian Luke and we’re planning on doing a few more together. With me and Christian, it's a geographical thing. We had an afternoon in Sydney a couple of months ago, and then had an afternoon in Melbourne a few weeks after that and it’s all been emailing and works in progress since. It’s all pretty crazy.

Is it a difference experience, working across continents?
Yeah, you get used to it. I don’t know what people did before email and Skype; I don’t know how people got shit done, honestly. Obviously it takes a little bit longer than being in the same room together but it is what it is you know – you can only deal with it and make it happen.

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