Our votes for the inthemix awards


Favourite Australian DJ – Simon Caldwell

I should start with a disclaimer that from my post at the inthemix Editor's desk, I hear about many Australian DJs worth celebrating, but Sydney has always been my hometown. So naturally you'll see a geographical bias here…

At the Mad Racket locals nights, you really get to hear why Simon Caldwell is regarded by many as Australia’s finest selector. Whether it’s a warm-up slot, the middle stretch or taking the true believers through till sunrise, his sets are always an event. With arms crossed over the mixer and the occasional glance up to survey the scene, he’s a consummate DJ.

“I like to play old and new, and see how they work together,” he told me in the first edition of the Honour Roll feature series, and it’s that ear for the dynamics of records that makes his sets so special. It’s pretty damn cool having a DJ of Simon’s calibre playing every weekend in your city.

Favourite Australian Boutique Festival – Musica/TUMBALONG

I know, through persistent reminders from friends, colleagues and photos, that I can’t make a call on boutique festivals if I haven’t been to Subsonic. That will be remedied in 2012. Then there’s the road trips that still haven’t happened to Rainbow Serpent Festival and Strawberry Fields…to name just a couple.

One smaller-scale festival I have been to every year since it started is Playground Weekender, which despite its sometimes-chequered reputation, always manages to completely win me over. Unfortunately, a flood scuppered its chance of inclusion. I’m going to go with Musica/TUMBALONG here: great sound, an immaculate Spring day, prime location and a closing set under the stars from SBTRKT. If you were there too, I hope you’re nodding in smug approval right now.

Favourite Australian Club Night – Picnic

I do wish I’d visited all the parties and club nights around Australia I’ve featured in the inthemix Looking Local series. Again, though, I’m voting for a party close to home. In the last 12 months, the Picnic crew has been seriously busy putting on great nights, from the One Night Stand warehouse parties to club shows with The Glimmers, Kink and Space Dimension Controller. Then there was the Andrew Weatherall and Neville Watson double-bill at Sydney Festival, which led into a Picnic after-party I’m still buzzing about. So much hard work behind these parties, and a whole lot of fun on the dancefloor.

Favourite International Artist – Dixon

There’s a party coming up in Berlin with Dixon playing all night long and I’m finding it very, very frustrating I can’t attend. In his approach to DJing and the fluidity to his mixes, Dixon’s actually kind of like a German Simon Caldwell. He’s just an intriguing, inspiring figure who goes beyond dancefloor functionality with his sets. He makes excellent mix-CDs and runs Innervisions, too, so there’s that. I also want his collection of shirts.


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