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One of the defining trends of the naughties has been the cross-over dance acts. The ones that have the production skills and coolness to appeal to the underground, but also the flair and distinct hooks giving them mainstream popularity. Groove Armada, Mylo, to some extent the Plump DJ’s and recently, Calvin Harris have achieved this. You can add Muddyloop as ‘07’s likely breakout, with an awesome EP and album on the way.

Muddyloop is Blonde Peterson and Metro Williams, two dudes from London with a fascination for old school production. Actually, the truth is they think they’re the reincarnation of Prince! With a love of Soul Glow Poodle haircuts and purple velvet coats, the Muddyloop boys are cooking up a synthesized blend of quirky and soulful vocals, electronic pop, futurised classic beats, and just plain old having fun! In their own words, they make “hot and sweaty cosmic grooves for boys and girls from Mars and beyond”. OK, whatever guys… we get the point. Muddyloop’s sound is actually quite diverse, such as the recent rnb/ hip hop almost Beyonce-like single Body Sweat, to the synth-pop of Hairstyle, an outrageous piece of music, and soon-to-be remix, Electric Stars.

Anyhow, what’s important is their sound is fabulous and needs to be heard. Muddyloop has an EP on the way, titled ‘The Love Rider’, on supa DJ and my personal favourity Desyn Masiello’s Symphonic label. This will be followed shortly by a full artist album called ‘Flight Night’. ITM fans are being spoilt, with the boys kindly giving us their time for an interview, along with an exclusive DJ set. Enjoy the creative inspiration that is Muddyloop.

1. Electric Stars – Muddyloop
2. I’ll Be Good – Rene & Angela
3. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Metro’s Edit) – Prince
4. You Are The Music – Ali Love
5. Turnaway – Crazy P
6. Theme from ‘The Warriors’ – Barry de Vorzon
7. Tour De France – Kraftwerk
8. Just Like We Breakdown – Hot Chip
9. Weekend – Kelis
10. Just Another Life – Mezzomatic
11. Go Away – Royksopp
12. My Time Is Running Out – Juan Maclean
13. Sweet Drums – Cerrone
14. Girl On Girl – Muddyloop
15. My Life Muzik – Thee Madkatt Courtship
16. Penthouse Sweet/Future Romance (Acapella) – Muddyloop

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