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His production credits include the The Rapture as well as Ladytron, Chikinki and Jeb Loy Nichols. Plus, he programmed two tracks for Gwen Stefani’s ‘Love Angel Music Baby’. On top of this he produced six tracks for Tracey Thorn’s (Everything But The Girl) solo album ‘Out of the Woods’. He’s also remixed and re-rubbed some of the most fascinating names on the charts, including Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp (three times in fact), The Chemical Brothers, Pet Shop Boys and Franz Ferdinand.

DJing is challenging and enjoyable, but not the only string on his bow (“When people ask ‘So you’re a DJ?’ I’m like, ‘Well, sort of, it’s like my fourth or fifth job.’”); above all, he prefers lending his hand to his distinctive ability to re-imagining beats. “I always try to have some more musical stuff in there, but it’s quite heads-down, with low-slung basslines. It ranges from quite a few styles but it’s a no-nonsense dancefloor mix, more down and dirty. Being interested in production, I’m always trying to find things that fit together – I like that happy accident that you find sometimes when you find two records that are in the same key and the same tempo; when you put them together, you make this brand new thing.”


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Benny and the jets

Benny and the jets said on the 30th Oct, 2007

ooooooohhhhhh yeah, listening to this has got me even keener for this friday