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Hot of the heels of her April residency on JJJ Mixup, with Nicole Foote personally requesting Amber’s services for both her success as Australia’s #1 Female DJ and her second to none radio personality, Ms Savage is next heading of to Ibiza for numerous bookings! Slinky FM have secured her radio skills alongside UK female superstar DJ Vicky Devine, their new show titled SavagelyDevine, it looks destined to spread further with syndication proposals coming in thick and fast.

Without further hesitation here is Amber’s mix for ITM, full of what’s rocking her record bag throughout the month of April and May!

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dj miss p

dj miss p said on the 13th May, 2009

nice mix Sav....nice and hard! crank that shit up to 11 :) peace and luv prue xx


Slapppa said on the 14th May, 2009

Why go back to crazy harstyle Amber? The techy progresive/agressive stuff you were doing last year was sooooo good! Such a shame. CUBAI


Lima said on the 14th May, 2009

fucking shithouse circus music - too easily influanced by nik


Random_Gumby said on the 15th May, 2009

needs more intoxicating rhythm imo......ahhhhhh now that was a purchase!!


jemmerz said on the 15th May, 2009

Why can't she play all different styles?? I like many different styles of dance music! Soft, HARD and Dirty!! Random Gumby- go and suck on some DD's LOL


dj_rappid said on the 18th May, 2009

amber you played a great mixup on triple j when you was on there, im sure this will be just as good, thanks heaps :)