Erol Alkan - Disco 3000 Mix

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That’s the thing about Erol Alkan – hearing is believing. Until you’ve borne witness to one of his legendary live sets, poured headily over one of his meticulously crafted productions, or been catapulted to a sudden sonic nirvana by the dropping of one of his remixes, you might be justified for dismissing his existence as an extremely elaborate myth of the musical underground. After all, how can one man, still in his early thirties, have kept so many kids dancing for so long?

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jonmorison said on the 29th Sep, 2009

'Sudden sonic nirvana'? My god, does anyone in dance music inspire as much total suck-holing as Erol Alkan?? Great mix, but you might want to come up for air the next time you're writing an opening paragraph. I feel like I've just been drowned in sugar


Juzzzy said on the 29th Sep, 2009

this only strengthens my plans not to attend parklife


sgtslick said on the 30th Sep, 2009

sound great! smooth funk


Jadedmyspace said on the 14th Oct, 2009

Once again the description is completely over exaggerated like most of the mixs... Who seriously wrote that? It's good but nothing to write home about...