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Bang on. In high pressure situations where he's focused he's almost unplayable. Look at his performance at the Euros, he was an absolute beast. But that was a unique situation, he was there to prove himself after the racism he copped in Italy and prove himself to the Italian public.

The problem with him is that focus is few and far in-between; he's rubbish in regular games and opposition teams have figured out that if you rough him up enough most of the time he'll put his head down and start sulking and be useless.

It's a shame because the fella probably has more raw natural talent than any other striker in the EPL, and that talent has got him this far without trying, but without the determination to harness that talent be the best he'll most likely always be the guy that could have instead of the person that did.

Therefore he is not special.

I've not seen him unplayable. Like you said 1 kick and he sulks.......that's pretty easy to play.
You guys can do way better.
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