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I dont like: GIRLS WHO WEAR HIGH HEELS TO CLUBS! Dammit that's my biggest hate! What the hell to girls think they're gonna do in a club? It's too damn noisy to talk all night, and I'm sorry, I don't care what anyone says - you CANNOT dance good in heels (or speak english well [exhibit A])


I hate pointy-toed heels especially! Oh god, the contempt I have for them. Unparalleled.

Name: Chris

Age: 20

Occupation: Final year Business IT student @ UNSW, working for a large faceless telco next year in Sales/Marketing.

Living: Sydney, in the el grande Shire. Getting the fug out next year and moving city way.

State: NSW

Dj ??: I wish

What U Like: Most styles of breaks along the funky (but not cheesy) to darker spectrum. Also love mah hip hop, prog, deep house... the list goes on (not really, it doesn't go much further than that).

I dont Like:
- high heels, any form of pointy-toed chick shoes (flats or heels).
- hard trance, hardstyle, hardcore.... etc etc
- feminists

Useless Information: I have some sort of weird joint in my thumb which lets me bend it back past 90 degrees at the top joint. I never knew this was weird until year 11 when I gave a thumbs up and it was pointed out to me that I have a freak thumb.
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