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So you had heaps of responses & not even one guy was compatible?

Do you think that maybe your standards are to high?

Our society needs to stop this image that it's personality first & looks 2nd.

It's quite the contrary.

Hey judgey mcjudge, I followed up on a few of the guys. Some of them were obviously looking for sex, asking when I had been tested because "they were bigger than most and had issues with breakage". not what I was looking for.

A few other guys that seemed nice I was chatting with on-line, then the next time I had logged on their contact had been removed so I assume they met someone IRL.

In my case my father's health deteriorated, I got a phone call that I should come home, and so I pulled my profile. Didn't seem a good time to be looking for a relationship, priorities and all that.

So no, I don't think my standards are too high but I do have them.
You can't help that. We're all mad here