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Never been to Korea but Dad said it was awesome when he went there last year.

Was there 2 years ago and was certainly very good. No arguments on Changi. Zurich airport is also very good, I love it as it is quite compact and is quite slick. Schipol is just a monster sized airport, which drops a few points for me. I'm a massive fan of London City, purely from the fact that you can get through it so quickly.

And someone rated LHR from 1993? That's almost 20 years ago. Puhlease. It's still a pain in the arse when you come into it though, but the Virgin Clubhouse there is excellent at least.

Haven't seen the new airport in Berlin yet, plus India is revamping many of its major airports at the moment.

Worst airport easily goes to Chennai. It's a stinking sinkhole. Even Havana was 100x better.

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