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How long should i ride the pitch for??? all the way until I have completely bought in the new track??

Til it's right..not everything needs a technical answer. If it trainwrecks, keep riding.

I remember reading an interview years ago with DJ Fergie (no no, not that ice head bitch from Blackeyed Peas), who was trained (in sorts lol) by Tony De Vit..he said that Tony would listen to his mix tapes til he heard the pitch bend during a mix (as in fingers being used to speed up or slow down the record). He would then throw the tape out the window, the point being to encourage use of the pitch control to fix the mix instead of touching the vinyl.

These days, I kind of like to hear it bend out a bit though, proves that the DJ isn't some Ableton knob jock that pre programmed everything.


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Drink lots and you will have heaps of fun. He puts on quite the show, definatly not a dj to watch for song selection and technical skills, but great music to just go crazy and jump around to :]

(on Steve Aoki)

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