Lol @ some of those trip advisor comments:

“Do Panorama Bar's employees know that in European Union is in force the Non-discrimination principle?”

Oh please STFU taking it on another level, maybe you just a fugly****? LOL = “I get the nightlife scene and am not offended easily but he made remarks to me that made me feel that as a Jew I was not welcome in that establishment. This place does not represent the new Berlin and anyone that is not from Germany or looks the least bit Jewish should not even bother trying to get in there”

DAMN STRAIGHT: “but once you're in, its really cool and feels like another world where anything is possible.”

I do feel sorry for anyone, especially those who really love their techno to be knocked back from Berghain, as it really is one of the techno mecca wonders of zee clubbing world! The techno Disneyland, Alice in Wonderland meets Edward Scissorhands all in the one!

A German girl I met whilst in Berlin told me she got knocked back one time because she was loud in the line, so its not just tourists who get rejected….the look of the bouncers = scary…the blue eyed, cold chiselled German look was fierce & HOT! Ha love it.

I know Id have a hysteric fit & would probably stab someone in the eye if I got rejected. But hey, there are PLENTY of other options in Berlin, that’s what makes the city so unique. Diverse options with many quality clubs/events/functions!!!