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had the sierra nevada bigfoot 2012 the other day, first barleywine style i've had... was delicious! will definitely be trying more barleywines

This was quite nice, although not something I would drink everyday. It was weird in that it's so hoppy and bitter almost to the point of being too much (almost. not quite) but lacks the kind of body or heavyness that you get with a really strong IPA.

Just found out the independant bottle shop near my missus's house has pretty much the whole North Coast Brewing range, some Rogue, Bear Republic and Brooklyn Brewery, and all the interesting Sierra Nevada's (Very much enjoying the Ruthless Rye IPA). Fucking win, no more driving out to Leederville.

The end result of all this is that Red Seal Ale is my new favourite beer. So well balanced.


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It's the same as going out on a busy street and looking at the people around you, most of them are fgts.