**Attention Promoters - Read This First**

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**Attention Promoters - Read This First**
Please be aware of the rules regarding advertising your events on ITM forums, they are quite simple. If you have any questions, you can PM a moderator, or post in the ITM HELPDESK & FEEDBACK Forum.

Click here for the full details on promoting your event...

Failure to follow the right process may result in your thread being locked or modified at the moderators discretion.
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Hi Melbournites and Promoters,

After a week or two of noticing a fair few promo threads not sporting the What's On information and rollcall with their thread, we've decided to provide a little reminder why you may have a locked thread. Apparently Scradeley's sticky seems not to be clear enough.

Part of ITM's forum guidelines is that for event promotion thread a What's On should be created, approved, AND then the thread is to be created. I'm not going to go into further detail to bore the pants of you. If this is not done, a moderator can lock your the thread.

We are all adults. Respect the guidelines like other promoters do and you won't have to be inconvenienced or bothered. We want to make this a fair promoting field for everyone. I would rather spend my time enjoying the forum rather than having to tell promoters how to attach a What's On or being an admin lackey because people are too lazy.

Everyone should enjoy the forum.

Two points to note:
  1. We will not go searching for your What's On. Even if it is created, it should already be there as part of the thread.
  2. When we lock the thread it now will not be re-opened. Feel free to create a new thread with the What's On attached. See Scradeley's initial post for the details.

You have a grace period until 1 August 2011 to get your threads in order, or if you have been prompted to do the right thing.

Yours in Mod-eration LIR.


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Sausages make everything better astro. FACT.


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I have to disagree with regards to the sausages...

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