Whats on Suggestion.
A couple of people have now came up with this suggestion to be able to optionally filter upcoming events in "What's on" section by genre of electronic dance music. This of course would be just an optional part to be filled out by the promoter on the What's On Application. Of course multiple genres may be able to be ticked on the application - Similar to when submitting inthemix content as a reviewer.

The real advantage is to people who are not as 'clued up' in that specific genre of music, will actually be able to identify and explore events that may interest them.

New users to InTheMix can also find out where particular artists (or their favourite artists) of a particular genre might also be performing as well.

What do the guys think at InTheMix?

.....Party [once again] in Miami [2013] with the rhythm and the bass!

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