Various Artists - Good Vibrations 06

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In my humble opinion, Good Vibrations this year was “gooderer” than it’s ever been. The usual combination of great weather, friends in the mood to dance and a bill heaving with brilliant artists was compounded by the happy discovery of an act I had previously been unaware of. Enter stage right, The Nextmen – I salute you!

CD 1 on this suitably cheerful combination kicks off with James Brown, yowling away in his inimitable style. (And despite being one of the few punters who chose not to watch this aging lothario wend his wiggly way across the stage, I must grudgingly admit that Funkmaster’s remix of Sunny does indeed fit the mood). The first disk concentrates on the sunshine and the groove – so much so that Dee Lite’s ye olde but always goode classic Groove is in the Heart is dusted off and given a spin for the occasion. Delicious vocals follow in Regal’s Shock Your Mind and Estelle’s finger-snappin’ Free. It’s all about the hip hop, the R & B and slow rocking beats here, with the likes of The Nextmen, Happy Mondays, Talib Kweli  and Z-Trip all contributing a slice of the pie.

Disk 2 is for the punters who prefer life after sunset, when the shadows grow long and the cocktails come out against a backdrop of soulful house, eighties bleepology, funky dance or up-beat drum n’ bass. Datarock’s sets the scene with the deliciously funky Fa-Fa-Fa, a hip-swiveller of a track that harks back to classic seventies funk. Local hip-hop master Fdel makes an appearance with the funky Shake Your Pants, along with the multi-talented San Francisco based musician-songwriter-producer-remixer-DJ that is Andy Caldwell, with the surprisingly rocky and slow Run Away. Other goodies include Steve Lawler’s That Sound, Freq Nasty’s Amped and DJ Marky & XRS’s Going Deaf. As I was by the time I left the festival in the wee hours.

This album would have made a nice backdrop to the post-event jaunt, which involved naught more that a few whiskeys on the porch as the sun struggled over the horizon. Chuck this on the stereo to recharge the memories of the event and tap into the vibe of summer as the warm weather fades into cold.

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