Various Artists - Ku De Ta 2: Sunset Soundtracks, crafted by Donni 1

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For those of you lucky enough to have attended Freakazoid in the late nineties and early naughties, they got a taste of some of the finest house Melbourne has ever seen, largely due to promoter and DJ Donni 1. It was in 2002 that Donni was invited to be co-resident at world-renowned Ku De Ta in Seminyak, Bali. Fast forward 5 years and he is now Marketing and Entertainment Director, and of course resident DJ. In its second edition, Ku De Ta – Sunset Soundtracks, Donni serves up a tasty blend of downbeat grooves that ooze summer good times.

Starting out in typical downbeat style is Naoki Kenjis Ecoustic Chapter 1, soft spoken words and a light broken beat give way to soft keys and sweeps. Truly beautiful stuff. Simply outstanding is Feist’s One Evening, like an angel with a husky voice Leslie Feist floats across a basic melody and subtle beats. Truly beautiful music. LTJ X-Perience’s And I Love Him nu jazz outing is fantastic and sets us up perfectly for the Jaffa remix of Ninan Simone standard Black Is The Color of My True Love’s Hair. Donni’s mixing is almost non-existent across the album, so don’t expect any big progressive blends.

House diva Jocelyn Brown shows a softer side with her vocals on Hardage’s Beautiful Day. One of the oddities on here is Danni Carlos’ cover of No Doubt’s Don’t Speak, first time round this is quite fun to listen to but the drag queenesque vocals are a little bit painful after a few listens, as is Saharadja’s 10 minute cover of The Police’s Roxanne. The closing track Secretly Watching Me from Hi Fi Mike is a unique blend of MCing and ghostly backing vocals that is stunning.

The album also comes with a DVD showing clips of some the bigger parties during the year and features backing music from the likes of Donni 1’s production outfit Escuba, DJ Pippi & David Penn and Gajo. Hedonistic delight! This is a polished release, the packaging and artwork are stunning as is the music. Donni really has dug deep and provided a beautiful sunset of tracks to see the day off.

In a word: Relaxing.

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