Various Artists - Housexy 3, mixed by Alan Thompson & Wei-Shen

Image For Various Artists - Housexy 3, mixed by Alan Thompson & Wei-Shen

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the Housexy CD’s since the series’ inaugural release some years ago. They’ve provided something thoroughly different from the rest of the Ministry of Sound CDs out on the shelves, and whilst the music could hardly be considered ground breaking or super underground, it both was cool enough to be an engaging listen as well as an accessible play in the car or at a house party. And so the tradition continues with Volume 3, mixed by resident Alan Thompson and newcomer WEi-Shen. The first thing that is obvious is that the two DJ’s have two very different names, and funnily enough, this is reflected in the music.

The best way to describe the CD would be ‘house music’. Broad, yes, but not incorrect. Although disc one does dance around the electro tip, the majority is funky, vocal, diva house, similar to the style expected from a Hed Kandi release. Artists and sounds like Hajji and Emmanuel, Booty Luv, David Guetta and Mischa Daniels dominate the CD, with fast, swinging drums, and large vocals. This is the main-room mix, the peak-time, and, is arguably a lot more accessible than disc 2.

Disc 2 is deeeeep. But, despite this, it is never self indulgent, or boring, or trying too hard. Every track is a gem, and the style, as would you expect, is slower, jazzy, and more musical. With of course the prerequisite black divas singing intimately about how you are perfect, how God made you in his perfect image, and males talking about the beauty and truth and universal appeal for house music, as well as waking up late for work.

This is an incredibly strong release from Ministry of Sound, and although the vibe is less commercial than the previous Housexy releases, it will appeals to all fans of house, and dance music in general, as well as being an ideal introduction to deep house for newcomers.

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