Coptic Soldier – False Start Mixtape

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Sydney City seems to have awoken in recent times, with a slew of emcees and crews striving to put the town at the forefront of the minds of Australian hip hop fans. The latest in the non-stop line of releases is the man behind, Coptic Soldier with his False Start Mixtape.

A false start in the Olympics generally results in disqualification for jumping the gun. The false start here is Coptic’s own admittance that perhaps his acceleration from taking up MCing two years ago to releasing material has come at an alarming pace, seeing him jumping the gun on his rivals. In the past I’d heard the odd track here and there from Coptic Soldier and seen him perform live once on a trip to Sydney, and while I thought he was solid, that was where I ceased in my praise. With that considered, I’ve been really impressed with his improvement as an artist and the quality of the content on this mixtape.

Rather than sit idly bye as the world descends into a deeper and darker place, Coptic Soldier is using his talent as an emcee and frustrations with what he is seeing musically to fuel his music. A long way from a battle emcee and definitely not someone who will have you drop to the ground laughing with punch lines, his tracks are much more likely to leave you deep in thought. In particular his collaborations with vocalist Miriam Waks shine, her somewhat haunting vocals on You Don’t Have Long and In The Air Tonight lifting Coptic’s presence to complete the tracks. In The Air Tonight in particular deserves praise for producer Scott Burke lifting a Phil Collins sample without sounding cheesy. On the deeper tip How Do You Feel featuring Phatchance, Easily Forgotten and Lift all have something to say, the passion of the artist always something that will make a track listenable. It’s not all slow paced though, in fact my personal favourite track off the release is Crazy featuring Natural Causes, the up tempo Scott Burke beat definitely my style and all emcees shining, Phatchance in particular kills his verse.

While this release isn’t in the upper echelon of those currently coming out in this country, it definitely impressed me. Potential wise Coptic Soldier has a lot to offer, he is an emcee you want to hear more from as he speaks what is on many of our minds. Check the mixtape and keep your eyes and ears peeled for the follow up long player, time and entirely original production should see only good things come from Coptic Soldier.

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