Blinky - There's A Jesus In My Nectarine

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‘There’s A Jesus In My Nectarine’ is the debut release from young Melbourne producer Bill Hunter (Blinky) and his label Beatgeek Records – proving its not just his sense of humour that’s creative.

Blinky’s live shows have gained quite a following in the local scene, playing alongside some of the biggest names in electronic music. His production sound is so diverse it’s seen him play everything from clubs through to bush doofs. Alongside the original, ‘There’s A Jesus In My Nectarine’ features an impressive set of remixes from Steve May. He delivers a prog infused version suited for the peaktime, and Kalus takes a completely opposite avenue, heading quite deep with the track.

The original mix is impossible to place into any one basket, drifting somewhere between progressive house, electro, and maybe even trance; all the while remaining quite minimal. The side chained bassline combined with rolling percussion and fast paced arpeggio create an absolute bomb, sure to set off any dancefloor. Steve May’s mix twists the melody into a bigger track, and although he uses very few of the original samples he does a great job making the outcome slightly more linear. Sadly, though, it feels like it could have been extended a little more. The 10 minute long interpretation by Kalus is impressive; deep and techy, it goes from one place to another, and it isn’t until halfway that the main bassline pops up driving the tune forward.

If their first release is anything to go by, Beatgeek have a strong future ahead of them. With a focus on local talent, Beatgeek Records shows there’s no reason to look beyond our own shores for some of the freshest electronic music. This one is available now on Beatport.

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Anomyst said on the 15th Sep, 2008