Corey gets media savvy on the run

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The Corey Delaney/Worthington (can someone actually find out the kid’s real last name?) saga continues, with the 16-year-old party starter now on the run from his parents following their early return home from holidays on the Gold Coast. Potentially faced with a bill of $20,000, it seems Corey is a little worried about the potential ramifications of his hard partying ways. “We’re still waiting… we’re asking to speak to him,” Corey’s dad told reporters yesterday. “There has been a lot of damage that’s been caused and bridges that need to be rebuilt.”

With Sydney ‘event promoter’ Tim Sabre offering Corey the chance to host his own under 18s event, claiming he could make up to $10,000, ITM is not sure how many venues would be willing to hold a party for underage kids that’s being put on by someone whose last event needed a police helicopter to disperse the crowd… but Sabre gets points for trying.

Of course Sabre isn’t the only one who wants a piece of Corey, as reports also indicate the teenager has a deal in the works with Zoo Weekly magazine, and celebrity agent Markson Sparks has claimed he could make between $50,000-$60,000 on a publicity trip to the US. It’s also reported that Nova’s Merrick & Rosso read out Corey’s list of demands for an interview this morning, the going rate to have him appear was $300, a limo for him and his mates and concert tickets for 12 months.

Have a look at Corey’s latest interview with ACA. Seems they were willing to meet the 16-year-old’s demands?

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Spekman said on the 16th Jan, 2008

hahaha!!! that interviewer is such a dumb b#tch... ACA are pretty stupid.. all this is doing is giving him more fame, its counter-productive in terms of trying to calm him down... GO SON!!!


sarahj0401 said on the 16th Jan, 2008

what a quality member of the human race we have on our hands here... he should be arrested purely on the basis of BAD TASTE in sunnies...


Burn2Shine said on the 16th Jan, 2008

More importent things in the world me thinks.


Worth said on the 16th Jan, 2008

Hi glasses are famous.. Haha. I love it. This guy has brass balls.. Like it or not, any publicity is good publicity!


coxdigweed said on the 16th Jan, 2008

Famous glasses??? Look exactly the same as all the other little fluro kids kicking around at any given summer festival...SHIT!!!!!!!


funkyhugh said on the 16th Jan, 2008

i dont understand what is so amazing about this party? ive heard of way bigger in the thousands, and way worse damage... gate crashed massive parties are not that unusual at all ... not so much anyway to get the same amount of attention as a terrorist att


DJ_MANESH said on the 16th Jan, 2008

Headlines on "Child pornography charge follows 'party boy' arrest"


stanklove3000 said on the 16th Jan, 2008

this dude has already taken up to much of my reading/listening/masturbating/breathing time lets just ignore him? so wat if he hosts an under18s? most of us are well older and thus shouldnt care!


smauzer said on the 17th Jan, 2008

I would love to kick those bargin bin glasses through his teeth! or maybe his parents should wake up and do it for us.. Fuckin clown!!


smurphy53 said on the 25th Jan, 2008

What a looser I hope he gives some of the money he makes back to the police for the damage he caused and to the people he has upset and maybe one day this crap he has caused to others happens to him big time. OZ number one wanker. I bet he got the glass