Let's go to Funtopia

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On Saturday 5 April Brown Alley will come alive with Element Funtopia, a night of trance, hard dance, hard styleand happy hardcore, all featuring a massive Melbourne line-up.

DJs are the who’s who of the Melbourne trance/hard dance scene, including Dr Willis, Scott Alert, Soul T, St Luke, !Warning!, Trent McDermott, JFX, Ben Evans, BJ, Algorithm, DJ Inferno, Exa-cist, Photon, Weazle, Artemis, J-Slyde, Taran M, Simon Murphy and Rich OK.

According to their flyer, Element is also a carbon neutral event. Even better! So let go of your collected jadedness, misconceptions and attitude, and head to dance your ass off. Hug a stranger, make noise and most importantly, have fun!

Tickets are $25+bf or more on the door. Stay tuned to ITM for updates.


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