Riton & Duke Dumont remake Mystery Jets

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London underground producers Henry ‘Riton’ Smithson and Adam ‘Duke Dumont’ Dwyer have remixed the new single of indie rockers Mystery Jets, delivering radically tracks which each has the potential to be massive club hits. While Riton’s is in the rocking electro-house heavy bass style he’s well known for, Duke Dumont has produced an eight minute tranced out epic that’s radically different from the fidget stuff he’s done before or that of his Dubsided mentor Switch.

Chatting to Skrufff two years ago, Duke revealed himself to be a cheerful non-conformist in keeping with his music and the persona he’s created. “When I’m around people who I feel are middleclass for some reason, I act like I am proud to be working class, but when I am with people who I think are working class, I tend to act all middle-class,” he explained. “I think the term is ‘working class snob’, and almost serves as an analogy to my Duke alter-ego,” he laughed.

Riton’s dance floor (and radio) friendly version is the kind that last year might have been labelled new rave though like Duke, he was quick to distance himself from trends in an interview with Skrufff 18 months ago. “I think the whole new rave thing is a fad really, so what’s the point of being associated with something like that? People are going to get sick of it in six months time,” he presciently predicted.


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