Godskitchen sold out + set times

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Just like Armin van Buuren’s massive Metro City show earlier this year, Perth has shown it has an insatiable appetite for trance, with Godskitchen’s 10 Year Anniversary ‘Angel In White’ Party on October 10 now entirely sold out.

It’s a remarkable feat considering the event is still more than six weeks away! Set time are also out now, so if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, feast your eyes on these…

Playing times:

09.00pm-10.00pm Adam Kelly
10.00pm-12.00am Jon O’Bir
12.00am-02.00am Menno De Jong
02.00am-04.00am Sander Van Doorn
04.00am-06.00am John O’Callaghan


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Comment Added

biomaster said on the 27th Aug, 2008

Woohoo, JOC to close. Yes please ...!


GroovyGeo said on the 4th Sep, 2008

Cant fecking WAIT!!!! Have an awesome outfit!! xox