Deadmau5 calls DJs "f*cking c*nts"

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Canadian production prodigy Deadmau5 has a reputation for rubbing people up the wrong way, and he’s done himself no favours whatsoever with his latest outburst which is likely to alienate even more fans of his music.

Speaking with Ireland’s Daily Star ahead of shows he played there last month, Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) took DJs to task. “They’re fucking cunts,” he ranted. “I don’t really see the technical merit in playing two songs at the same speed together.”

Deadmau5 is in the midst of a world tour to promote the release of his debut LP, Random Album Title, which sees him playing live shows with his famous Mau5head stage costume. The tour will visit Australia early in 2009 as part of the Good Vibrations Festival, and it’s got a lot of dance fans quite excited.

It’s both ironic and amusing that Deadmau5 holds such disdain for the very people who’ve made him a cult star in the dance scene, with DJs worldwide having voted him #1 in five categories at this year’s Beatport Music Awards. Just last week he was also ranked at #11 on the DJ Mag Top 100.

“[DJs are] my number one customer, right, so I’m not gonna go diss every fucking DJ,” he rationalised. “But to say you become this massive… performer by playing other people’s productions at the same speed as someone else’s productions and fading between the two of them, I don’t get it.”

inthemix interviewed Deadmau5 recently, and you can hear part of the conversation in our latest podcast. Stay tuned for the full interview in the coming weeks!

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jottster said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

nice, he's not only demonstrating his finite musical knowledge through his productions but also through his comments. broad, sweeping, unsubstantiated, generalisations like that are one of the greatest displays of idiocy. of course some dj's are given mor


bluepeople said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

not the best choice of words to use but his right on the money. i know people will jump all over these comments because, well basically its just what people do but what his saying is so true its unbelievable. tell me what top djs or any bloody dj that pro


cheechvda said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

djing isnt so much about blending 2 tracks,,its about taking people on a journey,,supplying them with a visual and feeling of joy through sound.....this guy must be some stuck up producer faggot, show us ur skillz behind the decks then mr mau5........i re


jottster said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

bluepeople i suggest you redirect your musical tastes elsewhere, if you're attending generic mainstream festivals what do you expect? generic mainstream music is the answer and such music all sounds quite similar. how many times has this happened to me? a


trancejunkii said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

i'd like to see him say this to one of the dj's face, especially one of those in the top ten for example above

Ben Royal

Ben Royal said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

Dont bite the hand that feeds you Joel!


Spekman said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

there's so much more to DJ'ing then fading two tracks together, he obviously doesn't know what that extra stuff is which is why he cant appreciate it... i have never seen him live but i heard he cant mix... no wonder he disses it... used to be a big fa


Spekman said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

yeah... you used to be cool deadmau5... now you're just a a-hole...


lfitz said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

Hmmmm. This is a big call!! Don’t get me wrong I love this guys work but to come out and dish the very own people that have pretty much made him who is today is a tad below the belt. If these so called DJ CU#TS weren’t blending his two songs together


brenly said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

i thought his set at tfu up when he was here a while back was quite good. and i was told his set at onesix was even better. there are true aspects to what he is saying, but that's why i don't go to shows where the dj is JUST a dj. i like knowing the dj i


djtrancit said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

Not a fan of his music...and now not a fan of his personality...maybe loose the mouse outfit and write something that doesnt sound the same as the track preceeding it. We can all have our own opinions on it though right? :P


djtrancit said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

I would like to see him say it to someone like Oaky...


matzta73 said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

Hmmmmm, that is a big statement to make from somebody who wears a mouse outfit... I can only imagine what other DJs say about him when he is wearing it LOL...


Ninja88 said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

isnt he the same idiot that used to dj? and prolly too shit so he just going to play his songs live?


housetrippin said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

i do agree with his statement, as big as it is, but at least your getting value for money when you see a dj playing other artists track, you are getting ripped off however when you see a mouse, playing tracks with the same drum samples/kits, same synth, d

Lost Baggage

Lost Baggage said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

over rated and over rating himself


ezza69 said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

he posted somewhere on TA forums that it was just a joke. he was being interviewed by the irish journo who kept asking him "what do think of this dj, and what about this guy, oh and this deejayz0r" etc etc all dj's he's never heard off before......eventua


shortino said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

IM sorry in all your infinite wisdom how could make such a generalised comment like that? and Since when did the biggest of DJs ever just play 2 records at the same time? last time I checked there is a lot more invovled. You have just reassured what I a

Matt  Dawson

Matt Dawson said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

bluepeople, do you DJ mate? If not stick it up your jumper, I have friends who have said the same thing to me and some of them wanted me to teach them how to DJ coz they didn't think it would be that hard. They learnt very quickly that it's harder than it

Daniel Wishaw

Daniel Wishaw said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

I cant imagine someone like chris martin or bono going into an interview and declaring that all radio station are the aforementioned type of person; and they don't even mix they just press play. However they understand the natural order of music distribut


DJ_LG said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

He probably can't mix or detect any of the techniques used by DJ's.


Spank-E said on the 3rd Nov, 2008

shame on u Deadrat6!!


enimatek said on the 4th Nov, 2008

DOUCHE BAG! I had respect for him once apon a time. In a past life! I'll never buy one of his tracks ever again. DeadMau5 is over played, monotone


forbidden said on the 4th Nov, 2008

Dont know how he made it to #11 on the DJ Mag Top 100. His sets consists of nothing but his own productions, which all sounds the same anyway. His DJ skills and sets dont compare to Sasha, Digweed, Hernan, Zabiela etc.


jay_25 said on the 4th Nov, 2008

its really coming from a guy who has tried to remix every track himself. out of the hundreds of tracks this idiot has remixed himself, maybe a hand full would be worthy of anyone1 talented playing these tracks. and clearly he is a spastic at djin if he

Jimmy Lo

Jimmy Lo said on the 4th Nov, 2008

Why would someone say this when they cant even dj themselves? Ableton doesn't count!


fugejim said on the 4th Nov, 2008

By saying something like that, he is implying that all pioneering personalities (frankie knuckles, jesse saunders, jeff mills, derrik may, etc) are Cvnts too. People that have pathed the way for people like deadmau5 to make a living. slighty ironic if you


Weqster said on the 4th Nov, 2008

Mickey mouse? I hope disney sues his ass. Copy Copy Copy Copy. He copys himself cause he thinks his that great.


nick_t said on the 4th Nov, 2008

your a fucking idiot deadmau5, much like your music.


troids_master said on the 4th Nov, 2008

yeh he probably cant mix ay. yeh definitely cant mix ay. he cant dj actually yeh he is a terrible dj. DERRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPP. imagine that being said in your face close enough to feel heat and saliva on your eyeballs


khaiyin said on the 4th Nov, 2008

Much respect lost : / I don't understand why he's going on a tour after saying that. What's he going to do? The same could be said about him not being able to play his tracks live. All he does is sit in front of a computer and put noises in sequence. He m


truba said on the 5th Nov, 2008

i bet he couldnt mix a glass of water and cordial together


tomxon said on the 5th Nov, 2008

yea i dont know what ill be doing at good vibes... i think I might join Jay_25 with the throwing but at the same time trying ti enjoy his music... ha


benii said on the 5th Nov, 2008

Doesnt he use ableton when DJing lol...


tjlusco said on the 6th Nov, 2008

Though I think saying all DJs are 'f****ing c*nts' is seriously over the top, I think this backlash is even more so! Flipping your opinion on someone for something they said which is probably completely out of context saying that there music is mindlessly


popluckfire said on the 6th Nov, 2008

pfft no one will remember deadmau5 in a years time


lukethamonkey said on the 6th Nov, 2008

What a sanctimonious prick. I suppose we should just put the latest premixed ministry cd on at clubs and festivals while the producers just walk around on stage and wave at the crowd. What a wanker......


lukethamonkey said on the 6th Nov, 2008

This was his response from his blog on myspace okay, im going to level with all of you here... much as i always have. regarding alot of crap flying around these days regarding some hack press in Ireland, more specifically, some lame crap i said about "


lukethamonkey said on the 6th Nov, 2008

*tjlusco* get a clue mate, if DJing was so easy then you wouldn't have people in the industry that are stuck playing the same half empty club for there whole career. Some people just have ability on the decks and some don't. Anyway what he said was out of


billzy said on the 6th Nov, 2008

What a stupid f k n Canadian seriously. Was considering going to good vibes only to see this guy as I heard some good things about his music. Now he can seriously get f kt. That event has never been the same since James Brown in 06 and J5 in 07. We co


mattos000 said on the 6th Nov, 2008

i saw deadmau5 at global gathering uk and he was gold.. but this made him go down a notch in my book. when his productions sound just a little bit different from eachother then maybe ill respect his comment but up until now all his prog stuff sounds the s

Dj Sean Stella

Dj Sean Stella said on the 7th Nov, 2008

Yeah, the whole industry would really be a lot better off without DJ's wouldn't it? He's taking the piss


timmysyk said on the 15th Nov, 2008

regardless the dude knows how to make fuckin sweet music !