3DWorld sold for second time in 12 months

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Sydney’s longstanding weekly dance magazine 3DWorld has changed hands for the second time in less than 12 months – and the third time in two years – with the Street Press Australia (SPA) conglomerate announcing their acquisition of the title this week. Other street press magazines owned by SPA include Drum Media in Sydney and Perth, Inpress in Victoria and Time Off in Brisbane.

3DWorld, which has been on the Sydney scene since 1989, was initially sold to Destra Corporation in October, 2007, but was then reclaimed by the original owners in 2008 when Destra collapsed and went into liquidation. Following SPA’s announcement of the purchase, made today, industry speculation is rife that 3DWorld’s future could be as a dance insert in Drum Media, rather than its own stand alone publication, however at this stage there’s been no official intimation that this is the case. It’s certainly an interesting turn of events and is perhaps also symptomatic of an overall shift in media consumption patterns from those who traditionally read street press towards online. Over the past few weeks we’ve been undertaking a survey of the inthemix audience to find out what avenues they use to stay abreast of music news and discovered that only 40% of respondents said they read street press, and that less than 9% rated free mags as the best source of info.

So, what does the future hold for street press in Australia? Much has been said in recent weeks about the struggles being faced by newspaper giants like Fairfax and News Limited, who have been watching with some dismay as their audience shifts from reading physical copies towards online. For the past 10 years street press has largely avoided building their presence online, and in that time we’ve seen the social networking phenomenon well and truly take over. Also, without trumpeting our own success, inthemix has stamped its presence on the music scene Australia-wide, and most promoters nowadays have their own form of web activity to communicate with punters. Whether it’s an elaborate site with their own membership program and ticketing store or something as simple as a Facebook group and email list, the balance of power has unquestionably shifted.

What do you think; do you still pick up street press, or do you now look elsewhere to find out what’s going on? Let us know your thoughts on the subject by posting a comment below.


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djbricksta said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

I love street Press, here in Canberra I read 3D World (though this explained why it hasnt been around) and BMA and I definatley value it and hope it never goes away. Its a combination of street media and online from me


van_donk said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

i wouldnt say i go out of my way to grab any street press. it is handy but u can pretty much find wat u need online these days its quicker and more accessible. inthemix usually does the trick.


gyarados said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

I still pick up street press cause i might see something i may otherwise miss but internet is definitely the way to go to find out about events, getting event info, getting event info early, special offers etc etc. Also finding out about underground event


robbz_69 said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

would be sad if 3d world was scaled down : ( much prefer reading 3d world than staring at a computer screen!


mastie said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

Just want to give the official word: Street Press Australia is committed to keeping 3D world as a stand alone title. And unlike the newspaper giants you mention, SPA has consistently increased its total circulation over the past six years, including in th


dreamygems said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

I love 3D World!!!!!!!! Dont gooooooooooo!!

toilet trained

toilet trained said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

give it away on trains and buses...work for the metro type papers...people will have to read it then


webgott said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

I never read street press...except for 3DWorld. How many awesome gigs would I have missed without it (or would have been sold out prior to me knowing)...like Lykke Li, Killer Easter, etc. And their CD reviews are usually pretty decent, too.

itm jim

itm jim said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

Gotta have my 3D World on a Monday...


jesyka391 said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

ill cry myself to sleep if 3d world goes :(


antis said on the 3rd Jun, 2009

hopefully it sticks around, great paper that


mikeyoz said on the 4th Jun, 2009

I always pick up street press when I see them. Like gyarados, I dont want to miss something but its always good to look back at current or back issues for that article you may be chatting about with friends. The internet can still be helpful but I tend to


Skat said on the 4th Jun, 2009

Interesting topic. Street press has its place, as do online orgs such as the sound alliance and its associated sites. Much easier to find out whats happening on a certain date at a certain club / pub through street press, and this won't change until the o


redz81 said on the 4th Jun, 2009

Love reading the Street Press.... though rely more on the internet for a gig guide


BMoney said on the 4th Jun, 2009

BUY BUY BUY!! SELL SELL SELL!!! frak off and leave 3D World just the way it is, I love my 3D World!!


dj_rappid said on the 4th Jun, 2009

please keep 3dworld on the street, nothing beats picking up a copy, getting ya mates together and planning your weekend, its just part of the industry and the scene


rjmwriter said on the 4th Jun, 2009

bit of a biased article no? the references you make to the downturn in print media are all for paid titles which of course none of the streetpress mags are so the comparison is inaccurate. you can't pick up a PC on your way to the shops to get some brea


untitled-1 said on the 4th Jun, 2009

its always great to have and read the street press and look at the ads, the web wont ever be as good as sittin in a cafe in chappel st reading whats comin to town


hotpepper said on the 4th Jun, 2009

I love my street press.. I'm in Melbourne and read the dance inserts in Inpress and Beat every week. It's a great place to get info about every little event at every little venue, plus some nice cd reviews.. It saves trawling through multiple websites to

Brad Lee

Brad Lee said on the 5th Jun, 2009

Ive been collecting 3D world since 1994 and would be such ashame if it where to go.!!