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Zoot Woman – the band made up of celebrated dance producer Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont and the Thin White Duke) and brothers Johnny and Adam Blake – are finally back from the wilderness, and they’ve got a brand new album in their hot little hands. Are you excited? We are!

Hailing from Reading, England, Zoot Woman have released two groundbreaking albums to date – Living In A Magazine and Zoot Woman – helping them to launch a truly distinctive sound that has them touted as an influence in modern electronic pop. You’ve no doubt heard the name Stuart Price many times before, with a long list of genre defining releases to his credit under names like Les Rythmes Digitales, Thin White Duke, Paper Faces and Jacques Lu Cont. He’s also produced for The Killers, Bloc Party, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Starsailor, to name but a few.

Their new album is called Things Are What They Used To Be, and to celebrate its release we’ve teamed up with Zoot Woman’s local label Bandroom Records to offer you the parts for their lead single We Won’t Break to remix. The winner will be personally judged and selected by the band themselves, and you’ll get your remix included as an official release through Beatport and iTunes, as well as being featured as a free download right here on inthemix.


When you’ve completed your remix simply drop a copy of your track in mp3 format at 192kbps or higher to our file site here. The file name of your remix must include your FULL NAME and MOBILE NUMBER. This is essential; without that info we won’t know how to get in contact with you. You have until midnight on Sunday August 23rd to get your remix in. Don’t delay; get a move on with it today!


Get a taste for We Won’t Break in its original form by checking out the video below:

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EgosXII said on the 28th Jul, 2009

shityeah, nice work ITM.. next time some nice prizes would also be nice! ;) great orig tune tho, so will have a crack at it...


brenly said on the 29th Jul, 2009

love the tune! although it sounds a little bit like nine inch nails on happy pills.


filou said on the 29th Jul, 2009

fuck that. how about bringing stuart price out?


garygee said on the 29th Jul, 2009

im definitely having a go at this one... will be difficult to know what the judges will be looking for...


elnino said on the 29th Jul, 2009

Nice one, love that tack... working on it as of... NOW


edukcuf said on the 30th Jul, 2009

Hello, is this the same contest as the other one running on tracks and fields. It's the same band, same song, same prize, closing date is 3 days difference though. What happens when you submit to both? Does each one have a unique prize or is one going to


elnino said on the 30th Jul, 2009

Done... Hope you like it... :)


kit2557 said on the 31st Jul, 2009

hell yeah. finally a remix comp with a chronic track!


Daneel said on the 8th Sep, 2009