Carl Cox takes over Tuesdays at Space Ibiza

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You should probably know the drill with this now. The winter months are closing in here so we start daydreaming about the summer party season over in the Northern hemisphere, which not only boasts a run of major-league festivals but of course some totally epic parties, day-in-day-out, in Ibiza. Then we get all jealous and start holding out breath until our mothers let us escape for some fun.

Today is no different, as we’re once again green with envy at the announcement that Carl Cox will be setting up shop for a 12 week residency at Space Ibiza this season, playing every Tuesday night as a part of his The Revolution Continues event series.

Rubbing salt into the wounds, Cox has added a rash of big name guests for his residency, with DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Green Velvet, Dubfire, Umek, Nic Fanciulli, Fatboy Slim and Loco Dice all stopping by to lend a hand to the Revolution.

“We’re adding some more soldiers to the camp, and having more comrades is fine by me,” Cox explained to Data Transmission. “These guys all brought something to the table last year, as who they are as entertainers and DJs, so it’s great they’re able to develop this – I guarantee they’ll blow everyone away. We wanted to prove that dance music was still a cause worth fighting for. This year, it’s the same fight – we’re still revolting against what’s wrong in the scene. There’s a lot of passion for what we’re doing and what we’re standing for, so we’re bringing it all back this summer, with a few changes…”.

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muli_ said on the 21st May, 2010

That's annoying... had it planned for tuesday


daverh said on the 21st May, 2010

ooops, yeah it is tuesday! my goof!


Gman05 said on the 21st May, 2010

The credibility of ITM leaves much to be desired. How can you write that Carl's night in Ibiza is on Friday... surely you would have done some research. Common knowledge of the scene would tell you that it's Tuesday night. Atleast you amended your article


daverh said on the 21st May, 2010

Hah, that's a but dramatic, but okay, sorry for writing it in a rush this morning and screwing up the info. You've successfully scolded me, Dad.


Gman05 said on the 21st May, 2010

Don't every do that AGAIN! All good, was just taking the micky out of you


matzta73 said on the 21st May, 2010

We all make mistakes mate, even the best of us....


FtMOde said on the 21st May, 2010

Has any one noticed that space is stepping up big this yr with sweds doing there night cox doing he's and more.. Iv noticed a turn around this yr


rockmachine said on the 21st May, 2010

any chance you also could edit the url? it still says friday and is very confusing. please check this for additional free content for coxy