Summadayze Perth adds second line-up acts

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Round two of the Summadayze lineup for 2011 has arrived with some massive names and a few surprises thrown in too. German electro-king Boys Noize leads the additions, which also include festival favourites Art vs. Science, tech powerhouse Claude Von Stroke, newly vowel-less trio PVT and many more.

Adding these to the already monster the first half of the 2011 line-up, which included cross-over mega-star David Guetta and world number one Armin van Buuren, is sure to give every dance fan something to be excited about. Combine this with already fantastic move of holding this year’s Summadayze for the first time on a Saturday and this looks to be one of the best editions yet.

The new names join the already huge roster that includes Pharrell out front of NERD, party pimps Chromeo, disco king Aeroplane and more.

Acts now joining Summadayze 2011 in Perth include:

Boys Noize
Art vs. Science (live)
Tinie Tempah (live)
Claude Von Stroke
PVT (live)
Stafford Brothers

Joining the previously announced

David Guetta
Armin van Buuren
N*E*R*D (live)
Chromeo (live)
Erol Alkan
Miami Horror (live)
Riva Starr
Zombie Disco Squad


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daverh said on the 1st Sep, 2010

Mother-effin' Breakbot! YES! I'm thinking he and Justice will be doing some shows together on the east coast.


troids_master said on the 1st Sep, 2010

yawniest yawn ive ever yawned


danmau5 said on the 1st Sep, 2010

8 acts, 4 of which are local, is kind of sucky :( I'm a huge SD fan, but I just don't know about this year. did they forget about Perth? then afterwards said, 'oh shit, we better check and see if these guys can do Perth. oh, only half of them can? ah well, it's only perth' :/


benjiswan said on the 1st Sep, 2010

Breakbot is a big win for me too!!!

Wendy Tosh

Wendy Tosh said on the 1st Sep, 2010

*yawn* oh wells, i was hoping to save some pennies this year and miss some festies........Summadayze just made that a whole heap easier for me to do!


camduff said on the 1st Sep, 2010

*yaaawn* thank you summadayze for letting me decide on which festivals NOT to attend this year.