Future Music Festival '09 inspired Plastikman return

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The last time we saw Richie Hawtin here was 2009, when he silenced any naysayers with pitch-perfect DJ sets in The Likes Of You tent at Future Music Festival. As our Sydney reviewer put it, his slot was “interesting, engaging and utterly impossible for the body to ignore”.

Next month, the techno don returns to festival in a different guise as Plastikman Live. The audiovisual set-up that Hawtin has developed over 15 shows in 2010 looks truly spectacular – as we detailed in the recent inthemix feature ‘Plastikman Live: The journey so far’.

Speaking to the man himself down the line from Canada today, inthemix learned that the worldwide return of Plastikman (dormant since 2004’s Mutek performance) began at Future Music Festival two years ago.

“It’s very, very pertinent actually,” Hawtin revealed when asked why he chose to bring Plastikman this time. “I still have it in my iPhone notes, actually. Here it is…March 1st, 2009, I was on a dancefloor at Future Music Festival somewhere and I wrote: ‘2010, Plastikman Live. Visuals must be flat and have depth. Monochromatic colours’. And then I wrote a list of the tracks I wanted to do.

“That was the beginning of the idea,” he continued. “So it’s perfect and well-rounded to come back and show Future Music something that it helped inspire.”

As far as reasons to tour Australia go, that certainly beats “I’ve never seen a kangaroo”. If you’re as psyched as we are to see Plastikman Live in The Likes Of You tent at Future Music Festival, don’t forget to add yourself to the roll-call for your city!



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Two left feet

Two left feet said on the 8th Feb, 2011

Saw him at Sonar festival 2010. Still picking up my jaw from the dacefloor to this day.Cannot wait for the showcase to rollout at FMF 2011.Your in for a treat Australia.


MoRpH said on the 8th Feb, 2011

Was a real treat seeing his work in 2009, his VJ/visuals were great. I did the rest of the visuals in the LOY tent that year and found it very inspiring.


stable said on the 9th Feb, 2011

Saw his at DEMF in 2010, epic live show, just epic. easily the best in the world.