Ministry of Sound’s ‘The Annual’ turns 10

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You might recall all the hoo-ha and nostalgia from last year when this very website celebrated a decade online in service to the Australian dance music community. Now we have another milestone to cheer about with the local arm of Ministry Of Sound notching up the 10th edition of its celebrated The Annual compilation.

As announced by MOS Australia, the feted The Annual compendium is turning 10 in 2011, with the label ushering out the 10th anniversary of the club primer in the coming months.

While there’s no official tracklisting set for the compilation just yet, MOS has revealed that The Annual: 10 Years collection will chart the last 10 years of club tunes, featuring big numbers from the likes of Swedish House Mafia, Pnau, Basement Jaxx, Benny Benassi, Fedde Le Grand, Eric Prydz, David Guetta and more all mixed by the steady hands of John Course and Mark Dynamix.

10 years in the game is a feat for any label or brand so kudos to The Annual and Ministry AU. Let us know in the comments below if you think that The Annual mixes still hold the same sway they did 10 years ago.


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djbricksta said on the 10th Jun, 2011

Bring back Mark Dynamix!


TheProphet said on the 10th Jun, 2011

It's completely changed, there's only DJ's like Tommy Trash, The Aston Shuffle & Bass Kleph that are mixing more obscure House/Electro House, but then again House has become more commercial since I bought The Summer Annual 2001.


robbz_69 said on the 10th Jun, 2011

yeww... dynamix cd should be solid!


hillyj77 said on the 10th Jun, 2011

2003 annual was awesome.


andosound said on the 10th Jun, 2011

Club Nation 2000. Yep.

All fairly crap these days.

Dj Logik

Dj Logik said on the 11th Jun, 2011

The 2006 Annual was the last good one. And yes, John Course and Mark Dynamix are the business.

Ash Parajuli

Ash Parajuli said on the 11th Jun, 2011

10 years eh. Sounds like the right time to pull the plug. You know, for the sake of humanity and all... ;)


tylerj23 said on the 13th Jun, 2011

Sweet. Hopefully a nice tour follows :-)


aus5892 said on the 14th Jun, 2011

It's been up and down throughout the years - John Course's disc 1s were always boring commercial crap but Dynamix's seconds were quality (and even Goodwill's were OK - 2010 was even decent with The Aston Shuffle and Goodwill's prog disc). But then when I thought 2011 with 2 new mixers would be a good move it was by far the worst ever.

Good to see Dynamix back, he's been treated like a leper by MOS since he retreated further into the Underground


TheProphet said on the 17th Jun, 2011

Ministry should return back to its roots in the underground house scene, they might bring back some of the older, disillusioned MOSA fans. Although I still love Ministry Australia, I'm missing the obscure house tracks they used to release. The only recent release with underground dance was Tommy Trash's mix on Sessions Eight, and that was a filthy electro house mix :D