Kaskade is America’s Best DJ, Pauly D shafted from top 10

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It would seem as though the new guard of young American EDM fans have made their votes count in the 2011 DJ poll, America’s Best DJ, installing veteran crowd-pleaser Kaskade into the top spot.

It’s been another strong year for the LA based electro house don who backed up his recent Dynasty LP with criss-crossing global tours, stints at all the big budget dance festivals in the US, a booking for this summer’s Stereosonic festival and who could forget that rave-riot he started in the middle of Hollywood?

Taking the crown in 2011, Kaskade displaces last year’s winner DJ QBert and in fact the latter DJ has fallen from the top 10 entirely with this year’s top rankings reflecting the climate of American dance music with Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Bassnectar and Designer Drugs all performing well.

You can check out the thus-far released results for the DJ poll below and shed a tear for the victim of ITM’s 2011 April Fool’s joke DJ Pauly D who, after fist pumping like a champ straight into the #8 spot in the 2010 chart, has been shunted from the upper echelon. It was fun while it lasted.

America’s Best DJ – 2011 Top 10:

1. Kaskade
2. Skrillex
3. Z-Trip
4. BT
5. Steve Aoki
6. Diplo
7. Wolfgang Gartner
8. A-Trak
9. Bassnectar
10. Designer Drugs


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ratticus said on the 13th Sep, 2011

some of skrillex's stuff is ok imo... all the hate is a bit ridiculous.
he makes a certain type of music. some people like a bit of A.D.D. aspect to their music and he's just expanded on trends explored in styles that were popular in past times, like random cuts, vocal glitching, melodic distortion, 8-bit noises - which can be found in 2nd wave french house, ed banger style stuff, and even the many varients of IDM stuff from the mid 90s. he just presents it in a form that is kinda electro-house meets-stadium dub step. it's big and obvious and well produced and gets a crowd going. i admit it's a bit soulless but thats hardly the point.. people like pendulum and the prodigy make equally vacuous (but huge) stadium style, rock influenced beats and somehow avoid all all the haters... not everyone wants to listen or dance to deep house or minimal techno all the time. most real fans of music change it up and listen to a variety of genres depending on their mood/location/whatever.. there is a time and a place for most genres. it's the band-wagon-jumping douches that are the problem... anyway, i'm off to listen to justice's first record now, because i didn't get the memo that it isnt 'cool' anymore. what a loser i must be..

See I like Justice, and a lot of Ed Banger stuff, as there's still a bit of musicality there. The bass lines were funky, and they didn't just have one sound. A lot of the stuff that came after, like Bloody Beetroots for example, just picked up on the distortion that was present in electro house, and just ran with that. It became less about music and more about filthy beatzzzz, and unfortunately the same thing has happened with dubstep. Old school stuff is awesome, Deep Medi, Hotflush, Tectonic, Honest Jon's etc still put out great music, but a lot of the stuff that's being pushed as dubstep is just about noise more than anything. Skrillex's new song is almost exactly the same as the Sprites Monsters track, there's about a minute of intro, a quick vocal sample, and then a sawtooth bass pattern with fucktonnes of distortion.

This is a conversation I've had a bit recently, just some thoughts I've had about it anyway.