The Prodigy “won’t go near” dubstep

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With everyone from Britney Spears to Korn and even Justin Bieber announcing plans to jump aboard good ship dubstep, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not a single artist out there who doesn’t want a slice of wubb-pie.

But one act who don’t have any plans to go that way on future releases is The Prodigy, who’ve announced that they “won’t go near” dubstep on their new album. The group’s mouthpiece Liam Howlett told BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe: “All the dubstep stuff that’s around, we’re loving it, but that’s not our game. We won’t go near it.”

That’s not to say Howlett is ragging on those who do fancy the genre. “We’ve always had respect for the masters who do their game,” the legendary producer continued. “Those boys who do that sound, that’s what they do. We know what we do, and when any Prodigy record hits, it’ll still feel fresh.”

So how will that sixth album sound? “We’ve got to be able to play every track live,” Howlett explains in the video below. “It’s got to give us that feeling onstage. The way I see it is it’ll have the darker undertones and the anger of ...Jilted Generation but with the urgency of Take Me To The Hospital and the ‘big-ness’ of Omen. It won’t be so much like Warrior’s Dance. It’s going to more deep and heavier.”

So, is the dubstep-free declaration good news or bad news?


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ravelikespastic said on the 9th Jan, 2012

I also agree, thank got for The Prodigy, if everyone experiments with dubstep eventually everything will sound the same.


Bitsmasher said on the 9th Jan, 2012

Good, Prodigy create the bandwagon not ride on it

Dr Bones

Dr Bones said on the 10th Jan, 2012

I think Prodigy could do dubstep fairly fucking well.


Fourthstate said on the 10th Jan, 2012

fk yes! muchos respectos


Fourthstate said on the 10th Jan, 2012

however they do have their live version of 'breathe' that is pure dubsteppin in the second haf of the track which was played at their last tour here


Heist9000 said on the 10th Jan, 2012

Wubstep has a shit tonne of the prodigy's influence on it anyway in sound design and aesthetic


P337 said on the 10th Jan, 2012

take me

to the



Digitalgrub said on the 10th Jan, 2012

There's a similar aesthestic in their sound to dubstep and grime anyway- just as long as they keep the 'big beat'.


aguilare said on the 10th Jan, 2012

Prodigy don't need to experiment with dubstep. These guys are a genre of there own...


User_260198 said on the 10th Jan, 2012

So awesome that's why prodigy are always at the front there leaders not followers


justo87 said on the 11th Jan, 2012

Great news... the true greats will be remembered for sticking to their guns, not following the herd...


Mibsy said on the 11th Jan, 2012

Prodigy will always set trends, not follow them. Liam Howlett is a genius!!


LunarCat said on the 15th Jan, 2012

Thank you, Prodigy! Now I can look forward to their new work worry-free.
I really don't think I've anything else to say but to join the overall relieved reactions from others in this thread. :)