Listen: Bassnectar hooks up with Lupe Fiasco

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Given there’s been no shortage of cringe-worthy dubstep cross-genre collaborations (ahem, Korn and Skrillex) over the past year or two, we’re probably due a decent wubb crossover. So ahead of the April 10 release of his album Vava Voom, Bassnectar has stepped in to drop a joint with hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco.

Album title track Vava Voom was released through Rolling Stone for streaming over the weekend – but you can listen to the YouTube rip below. According to Bassnectar, work on the tune began last year and was recorded in the space of a few days in the studio with Lupe. ”[Lupe] was doing this crazy double-meaning story over the track, talking about hypnosis while waving his arms in the air as if casting a spell,” the producer told Rolling Stone. “’Vava Voom’ is where life shifts into time-warp speed, but you find yourself in an almost slow-motion trance.” So, thoughts?


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lawlietskyy said on the 26th Mar, 2012

This is going to be a fiasco


cheechvda said on the 26th Mar, 2012

With the dominance of dubstep, I can only say these kind of collabs will be the norm soon


KraftyNut said on the 26th Mar, 2012

Lupe already ripped over Bassnectars remix of Lighwork by Ellie Goulding.

Was only a matter of time.


WilhelmScream said on the 26th Mar, 2012

I really liked Lupe over Bassnectars Lightwork remix from his last mixtape. This is just horrible though.