Listen: Hudson Mohawke reworks a 1918 opera

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From Deadmau5’s take on the Radiohead single Codex through 2008 vestige Corey Worthington’s shameless version of the Beastie Boys’ classic Fight For Your Right, we’ve seen (or heard, rather) some pretty unexpected covers in our time. But while it’s one thing to record a crappy version of a successful song, it’s a whole other kettle of fish to rework a 1918 opera – and well, at that. Enter Hudson Mohawke.

As picked up by FactMag, HudMo has updated Giacomo Puccini’s opera piece O Mio Babbino Caro for the 10 year anniversary of violent video game favourite Grand Theft Auto 3. While the two minute rework has been out in the GTA trailer since December last year, it flew fairly under the radar until Warp Records and HudMo himself posted about it on their respective Twitter and Facebook accounts yesterday. Admirably, the Scottish producer’s done a pretty good job of updating the opera without butchering the original – though naturally, his version features the addition of some signature-GTA shots being fired.

You can compare HudMo’s rework to the original O Mio Babbino Caro below, and if you’re sold you can even buy the track on iTunes…or just put the Grand Theft Auto trailer on repeat.

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