The Presets are back! ...We think.

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The Presets absence has been a conspicuously long one. After the chart-busting success of Apocolypso way back in 2008 (we’re talking triple platinum), duo Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes went into an extended hibernation. “We knew that we were in everyone’s face by the end of Apocalypso,” Moyes told inthemix in 2011. “So we made the conscious decision to just die for a bit…you know? Just rest for a little bit and let everything just naturally relax.”

Well, it seems the Modular big guns are finally back from the dead. This morning, the previously-dormant Presets Facebook page – which also declares that they’re “working on album 3” – posted a link to the website Youth in Trouble : a 40-second loop of grainy, pixelated footage finishing with the text “Youth in Trouble”. While little (read: nothing) else was revealed in the post, we’re going to wager it’s a teaser for the duo’s new album.

Of course, history has told us that it’s best not to get your hopes up when it comes to The Presets: the long-awaited third album’s already been pushed back once. You can try and decode the footage below – so, thoughts?