DJ Mag to “name and shame” cheats in its Top 100 DJs poll

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Over the past week, you might’ve seen a screenshot of an eBay listing to buy votes in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll doing the rounds of Facebook feeds. Following the expected flood of knee-jerk indignation, DJ Mag has issued a statement on the ploy. As Managing Director of DJ Mag Martin Carvell has said, there’s nothing to suggest the person behind the listing could actually provide the paid votes. “This was posted in Italy by somebody trying to discredit the poll, and is no longer active as a live auction bid,” the magazine wrote in a statement. “DJ Mag believes that this fake eBay posting was probably done by the same group of people responsible for the video last year that claimed to expose how people could cheat in the poll.”

On the topic of people trying to cheat the system, Martin Carvell had this to add: “DJ Mag takes the issue of cheating in the Top 100 DJs poll very seriously. As the guardians of the biggest poll in dance music, we do all we can to eliminate cheating in the poll so as to make this the most authoritative snapshot of a DJ’s popularity and visibility at any one time.” The magazine has identified “a number” of DJs cheating the system, and they will be naming and shaming them later this week.

After four years in the top spot, trance guru Armin van Buuren was unseated in the 2011 poll. His successor was none other than ever-grinning Frenchman David Guetta. The Top 10 was rounded out by Tiesto, Deadmau5 (his constant reminders that he’s “not a DJ” falling on deaf ears), Above & Beyond, Avicii, Afrojack, Dash Berlin, Markus Schulz and the Swedish House Mafia. “I don’t know how many years trance DJs have been No.1,” Guetta said after the win. “I have a lot of respect for what those guys have done. But I’m happy for myself, and also think that maybe it gives hope to a lot of DJs playing house and electro.” Check out the full 2011 list, from Guetta at #1 to Boys Noize at #100, right over here.

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lopsop said on the 2nd Aug, 2012

Interesting how they claim they will be naming names. I was reading on another website (see quote below) how this contest in itself is a cheat. In which case, shouldn't DJMag and Trackitdown be listing themselves at the "Top" of the list?

"Here we go again. DJMag and Trackitdown have once again excluded literally billions of people around the world from voting in this years top 100 DJ's poll. As with last years poll, you are required to sign up for/use Facebook to cast your vote. Facebook is banned/blocked in many countries around the world, in fact most of Asia, the most populated countries and where most of these "top 100" DJ's end up earning their highest DJ fee's. I know because I am a promoter and DJ myself and unfortunately, most clubs base booking and fee decisions solely on this yearly poll.

By requiring Facebook signup and voting (and probably a few "like's" in the process), clearly DJMag and Trackitdown have a vested monetary interest in certain DJ's and corporate affiliations -we all know who they are) from certain regions and do not care about true fans (not to mention the DJ's themselves) outside of the USA and UK/EU... if they did, they would offer an alternative form of vote casting which would give this poll an even playing field for every DJ in the world. I contacted both DJMag and Trackitdown last year and this week and have received no response whatsoever. So this year I am making it my mission to let people know what is going on and boycott this fake marketing ploy of a popularity contest.

If you care about this industry at all, you wont vote, you wont buy their magazines, music from their stores or visit their websites. These companies are a BIG part of the problem we as artists, producers, label owners, DJ's etc. face today.

Thank you for reading."