Hardstyle fans melt down as Showtek collabs with Chris Brown

Image for Hardstyle fans melt down as Showtek collabs with Chris Brown

Over the weekend, dubious pop star Chris Brown debuted a new song, Nobody’s Perfect, on L.A. radio station Power 106 – an event that wouldn’t usually raise a blip on our radar. After the airing, though, Dutch duo Showtek took to its Facebook page to announce the “proud” part they played in writing and producing Nobody’s Perfect alongside German pop songwriter Lukas Hilbert.

The reaction from hardstyle fans has been, to put it mildly, divisive. Having made a concerted pitch to the booming U.S. market in 2012, the Chris Brown collab sees Showtek ratcheting back the BPMs for a standard-issue pop-dance blockbuster. As the producers’ website puts it: “The song, which showcases a different side to Showtek’s production skills, is no doubt 2012’s biggest track.” You can hear the radio rip of the single below, but prepare to endure non-stop voiceovers.

Showtek has spoken often about evolving beyond its original scene, and inthemix asked them about it earlier this year. “We worked hard to take that next step, and that’s to be bigger than your own scene,” one half of the duo Sjoerd Janssen told us. “With DJs like Tiesto or Afrojack, you don’t talk about genres anymore: they’re a brand.”

“Of course there are always the die-hards,” he went on. “But we are people as well, we’re not robots. As a human being, you evolve. When you are 20, you go to bars and chase girls who are five years too young. When you are 28, you go to a quieter bar with your friends. You’re not going to wear the same jeans for 10 years. That’s what has happened to Showtek, but in a good way.”


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