Here we go again: DJ Shadow kicked off decks in Miami

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UPDATE: Mansion Nightclub have issued an apology to DJ Shadow, writing: “We offer our most sincere apologies to DJ Shadow and his fans for his set being cut short at Mansion this past weekend. This error should not have happened and will not happen again, especially as we pride ourselves on creating an environment that cultivates and respects innovators such as DJ Shadow. We have learned a lot from this error and made changes within our organisation to ensure that Mansion’s vision, and the vision of our guests, will never be compromised again.”

In the same year that New York house head Dennis Ferrer got the tap on the shoulder at Miami club Mansion to cut his set short, it’s happened again, this time to DJ Shadow. The celebrated beatmaker and turntablist was at Mansion for an ‘All Basses Covered’ DJ set on Saturday 15 December, but his selections didn’t pass muster (reportedly after only 20 minutes of playing). A fan filmed the exchange and Shadow’s announcement to the crowd, followed by some unhappy reactions from the dancefloor (see below). “I don’t care if I get kicked out of every rich kid club on the planet,” Shadow wrote on his Twitter after the incident. “I will never sacrifice my integrity as a DJ…ever.”

The news swiftly follows Tommie Sunshine’s run-in with New York club W.i.P last weekend. Asked to cut his set short for “playing too hard”, he spoke to Vibe about the increasingly-common occurrence. “Everyone is now an expert of this music, especially the ones who pay BIG $ to consume it,” he wrote. “Not to mention the clowns who supposedly ‘run’ clubs. Basically their #1 priority is their ‘clients’ who spend money in bottle service & what they say dictates the music direction.”

DJ Shadow has been taking the ‘All Basses Covered’ DJ concept around the U.S. in recent weeks, hitting New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Boston, Detroit and more. Predictably, Mansion’s Facebook page is attracting a volley of angry posts from Shadow fans. This Friday 21 December, the club is set to host another turntable pro, DJ Craze, himself a Miami local. Hit ‘Full Screen’ on the video embed below to expand it.


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aguilare said on the 17th Dec, 2012

The end of the world must be coming if this shit happening.


Suspekt said on the 17th Dec, 2012

A sad day for music. The world really is going to end of Saturday.

special ed

special ed said on the 17th Dec, 2012

why are these dj's mangers/agents booking them to play at these shit places in the first place?


dazza_b said on the 17th Dec, 2012

America doesn't deserve dance music any more.


simog81 said on the 17th Dec, 2012

why do these daft clubs pay for a dj they'er not gonna let play????? morons!!!!! this can only hurt the clubs reputation. surely!?


beshman said on the 17th Dec, 2012

Stupid americans. They'll listen to skrillex but not something bettter? WTF


eona said on the 17th Dec, 2012

He should of brought his organ with him.


ricoxl said on the 17th Dec, 2012

I live in Miami and the scene got really retarded in the last few years.
We do have 2 actual good clubs where people come for the music and music only:


krisb said on the 17th Dec, 2012

I'm pretty sure Shadow is an american,so STFU. There are alot of us who know what real music and real party's are like. Where did house and techno start again!?

Nick Emancipation

Nick Emancipation said on the 17th Dec, 2012

Clubs who do this deserve to disappear into mediocrity and fail. We stand by you and who you are Shadow!


josh_goods said on the 17th Dec, 2012

i met 2 new yorkers this weekend, not only beautiful and smart and cultured but knew more about music than i did. australia is absolutely no better with music taste, and america have eras of cultural music over us.
this is unfortunate, but probably the only reason it doesn't happen here is because we're too nice


MessyDJ said on the 18th Dec, 2012

Pffft dance music (or that newish buzzword 'EDM') was just fine before it blew up in the US and it will be just fine (read: better again) when the fad goes away. These clubs are obviously booking these DJs for ticket sales and to hype up their club brand.

blend one

blend one said on the 18th Dec, 2012

f*cking americans? dj shadow is american!! just remember where it all started!! artist's need to be selective on where they play! all these new kids don't know sh*t!! this guy has more talent in his left nut than some people will ever have in their lifetime!! GET A CLUE!!!! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR AN ARTIST!


Wowk said on the 18th Dec, 2012

It's all well and good to say "America was the birthplace of house and techno" (which isn't entirely true, it was ONE of the birthplaces of it), but the reality is for the most part, America has really hurt dance music a lot in the last few years, and you can't just say "oh well we invented the shit so there" when you're also mostly responsible for its current horrendous state.


Salvo1990 said on the 18th Dec, 2012

In the end DJ's like sneak, shadow and carl cox will last longer than the shitc*nts that are making money now, swedish house and avicii will be no names in ten years time


lowtek said on the 18th Dec, 2012

Christ you fucking people are ignorant haters!! -- This has nothing to do with a "country" as a whole. Seriously how can you hate on an entire country because he gets booted at one shitty preppy club in Miami?!? -- Shadow is himself a fucking American and a legend. So fuck off.


dcc1051 said on the 19th Dec, 2012

As an allegedly musically dull American, I've been listening to DJ Shadow since my early college days in the 90's, have all his albums. I absolutely love all kinds of electronic music, and have been deep into it for going on 2 decades, as well as many of my family and friends with whom I share much of this music - ALL OF THEM AMERICANS. To ridiculously over-generalize (as I'm reading here and on many a msg board in regard to this event) because of the current explosion in the popularity of dance music in the States, only makes one sound like an idiot. It's a shame this had to happen, but a velvet rope BS commercial club like Mansion was obviously the WRONG venue. There are many decent places (and people!) in Miami that would relish having DJ Shadow perform there.


chaunceysizemore said on the 19th Dec, 2012

search "boycott mansion miami" on fb


Lambretta said on the 20th Dec, 2012

Seriously? A promoter acts like a duche and suddenly America is to blame for the state of dance music? Pull you fucking heads in. There are loads of great American DJ's and producers just as the UK and Australia has it's own fair share of show pony knob jockeys. Being a decent person does not come from the country you were born in - it comes from within you.


ricoxl said on the 21st Dec, 2012

here is the BULL SHIT Apologies from Mansion


ricoxl said on the 21st Dec, 2012

Well said Lambretta!
By the way, the owners of Mansion are french...I'm french myself and I live in Miami :)


Griggle said on the 22nd Dec, 2012

So why don't all the world's International DJ's just say they aren't going to play in Miami ever again?

While they are at it refuse to turn up to Miami Winter Music Conference and run a similar event in competition with them in some other State.

Problem solved. They'll have club owners crawling back to them within 6 months begging them to play. Miami relies on tourism for their turnover. If the world's best entertainment acts tell them to fuck off, they'll have to improve their relationship with artists or it will affect their bottom line.


Menace said on the 24th Dec, 2012

why do dj's keep going to play in these shit holes, everyone should boycott these places!


Fluidlife said on the 26th Dec, 2012

What a load of cunts these people are. Fckn burn them and that club.


Fittler said on the 28th Dec, 2012

Dj Culture has travelled a long way in the last 20 years, however it is shame the direction it took.
As someone who's love for EDM grew out of the warehouse scene of the early 90s I find it really bizzare to hear of certain DJs playing these types of venues.
For Example: Marcus Schultz playing US table service nightclubs that require patrons to wear (almost) suits to attend, or A&B playing Marque here in Sydney. Before I offend anyone who went Im not saying they werent good gigs but this type of music was built on freedom whereas it appears now one must first conform to enjoy it.
Everyone has their hand out these days, and the DJs getting rich on these bookings must hold some of the blame.


Bracko said on the 28th Dec, 2012

because money talks.

DJ Night Nurse

DJ Night Nurse said on the 29th Dec, 2012

Dennis Ferrer & DJ Shadow are legends so how dare you however The Mansion's management did apologize but as a suggestion they should bring djs that specialize in what their clientele dictates because they are destroying their reputation especially for the future! Upcoming djs will eventually give a big F.U. & just simply not support & cater more towards your competition, I would!!!