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100 million people just watched Madonna shuffling with LMFAO

If you’re one of the people quietly hoping for LMFAO to quietly fade away…don’t hold your breath. The dance-pop outfit’s ringleaders SkyBlu and Redfoo last night took the stage at the Super Bowl XLVI as part of Madonna’s half-time show…for an estimated audience of over 100 million people (okay, not all of them would’ve been glued to the screen at this exact moment). Now we have all been treated to the sight of the 53-year-old pop star ‘shuffling’ with the Party Rockers in front of America’s biggest TV audience.

The appearance of LMFAO in a kind of Gladiators-meets-Village People garb wasn’t deemed the most offensive sight at half-time, though. That (dis)honour went to cult favourite M.I.A., who flipped the middle finger to the camera during her guest appearance during Madonna’s new single, Give Me All Your Luvin’. Why won’t she think of the children? “The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing, and we apologise to our fans,” said NBC Spokesman Brian McCarthy.

Perhaps the most insane aspect of the whole affair, however, was the extravagant stage set-up for Madonna’s 13 minutes at centre field. We’d like to see that kind of budget funnelled towards a 2012 Daft Punk tour…

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van_tango said on the 6th Feb, 2012

To be honest the whole thing was pretty good with the glaring exception of the LMFAO bit. What was she thinking???!!???


Derelict said on the 6th Feb, 2012

Shuffling in high heels is retarded! (even though what they were doing in no way resembles shuffling)


Prok said on the 6th Feb, 2012

Madonna is still hip guys


User_259022 said on the 6th Feb, 2012

Good act made better by LMFAO and Nikki minaj

special ed

special ed said on the 6th Feb, 2012

just retire madge. please.
you were once cool, just age gracefully ffs


Bergs said on the 6th Feb, 2012

She's 60 and she knows it


beebop said on the 6th Feb, 2012

that was BRILLIANT, what a show and great selection of her old stuff! love the new song....
go madge.


BMoney said on the 6th Feb, 2012

LMFAO: "Madonna - she works ooout...".


ravelikespastic said on the 6th Feb, 2012

I think it was an entertaining performace, at least it was good, imagine the performaces with LMFAO and Paris?


jamwildway said on the 6th Feb, 2012

How good was that??? LMFAO add the credibillity. Madonna still has it, come to Australia with LFMAO supporting soon!!!


Morphee said on the 6th Feb, 2012

It was pretty good... haters always gunna hate though.


katiecunningham said on the 6th Feb, 2012

Why look at that, there's a bit of vomit in my mouth


hamishlardi said on the 6th Feb, 2012

does anyone remember when shufflin was done by a bunch of guys in baggy pants listening to hard style

Ben Royal

Ben Royal said on the 7th Feb, 2012

Regardless of whether you like her music, that was a pretty impressive stage show.


mitchpk said on the 7th Feb, 2012

I am so in love with M.I.A.

Mr Sleepy

Mr Sleepy said on the 7th Feb, 2012

best quote on madonnas performance came from Glenn Morrison:
"Is it just me or did Madonna look like her uterus was going to fall out on stage?! She needs to retire"