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  • One22
  • Marcotix
  • Dave Stuart
  • MSG
  • Jordan Deck
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No frills, no fuss, no over hype, nein overbites, jaw chewing teethgrind, tomcat harrassing, woody burning techno fun times….

Whilst No frills isnt giving a f*ck it is giving you a damn damn cheap foreray into the depth of a dirty long night that sounds like you should have gone home days ago. We arent pushing profit making presales to your purse, you can even consult your coin jar for this one.

Taking one for the team we giving you a chance to to get to techno town with a no frills special guest, resident at the infamous mess bucket that is Kater Holzig, which in itself was draged from the puddle of munt that was Bar 25, Herr Nico Stojan.

Joining the underground embelishment for this litte tech- soirie are heads from Sydney family of likeminded party bastions; the irepressable Marcotix & MSG from the acclaimed Subsonic crew, what the heck Chemistrys Jordan Deck, and Shrugs boss beard Dave Stuart.

All for a No Frills $10 b4 11pm, $15 after…at Sydney’s new favorite dungeon One22


Running times

  • Starts: 10:00 pm
  • and goes for 7 hours


  • Over 18's only